Always a bridesmaid never a bride.


Or in my case starting to feel like always the cheerleader and never the racer. On Friday Heather was entered to run the Nike girls night out. A free 10 km around the Evergreen Brickworks, not an exclusively female event but certainly the tees and finishers medal/bracelet didn’t really shout manly.

Refusing to play.

Unlike the previous weeks 10km I didn’t have any real pangs of regret for not entering this race. There was in fact a brief moment of joy for not having entered as all the runners were assembled for a pre race warm up, akin to a bad 80’s aerobics class. Heather shuffled off to join this much to my amusement, and promptly returned 30 seconds later refusing to join in apparently not seeing the benefits of group flailing, shame really I found it quite funny. Possibly more concerning were the people Heather overheard blaming over exertion in the warm up for their poor start to the race, not the effect the race organizers were going for.

It was I have to admit a great little race for free, pretty well organized with outgoing and friendly race staff.

And she's off.

There was also another reason that I was happy not to have entered. It would appear to be poor form as a guy to beat the girls in a race called girls night out, much to my amusement I heard many guys gallantry questioned, in particular the chap who was silly enough to win, come on ladies whatever happened to equality? That said if Heather decides to run it next year I have vowed to do it in drag with her.

Ok now for the most important part of this entry. How did Heather do? Answer too well, let me explain to the non runners out there, this was only supposed to be a training run and should have only been run at 70% of Heather’s max exertion. However Heather seems to suffer race amnesia and forgets this fact as soon as she hears a starters klaxon. She set a PB for this distance finishing in a time of 48:16. I couldn’t help be anything other than impressed and proud, even though I knew it may mean a tricky long slow run the next day (it did). I actually think she could have shaved of more time had it not been for odd seeding system that ranked people by experience rather than speed, this unfortunately led to a few slow bottle necks on this narrow course, guess something needed to slow her down.

Done already?