The day after a 50km


So after having my butt kicked on the trails Saturday, you would have thought a nice relaxing Sunday was in store.  Fat chance, we were up early and off to Buffalo (no not to run the marathon) but to buy running stuff, mainly more shoes.  This sport is deceptively expensive and for some reason (even though our dollar is worth more) running shoes are up to $50 cheaper down south. Trust me even with the cost of gas it is worth us going cross border shopping for this stuff.

Funny things usually happen to us when we cross the border, mainly because Dan has a funny coloured passport, but this border guard was good, polite but authoritative.  It was actually sunny while we were crossing over, we told the border guard our intention of shopping and he just looked at us and said “on such a beautiful day? you should be out running or something.”  I think he was psychic or something, I just stared in disbelief, I mean why would anyone say that?  Dan just laughed and told him we ran a 50km race yesterday and were now in desperate need of new shoes. Now it was the border guard’s turn to stare in disbelief.

Anyway the shopping was ok.

My new kicks.

Dan got some too.

Dan managed to get two pairs, I had sizing issues.

Then we got thirsty.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale = yummy

And then hungry.

I would eat waffles for every meal if I could.

I was still hungry (don’t judge 50km is a long way to run)

I would eat cheese cake at every meal too.

We also managed to pick up some running clothing and a couple of nice hand-held bottles.  As we stopped to pay our taxes on the way back to Canada (we are such honest people) Dan was stopped by a border guard who complimented his shirt and asked what colour it was. I was once again staring in disbelief, Dan calmly said thank you and told him it was magenta.  Then it was his turn to stare in disbelief.