About R.I.P.

This blog was started in January 2011 to document our training for the Canadian Death Race, however things didn’t go to plan and neither of us managed to finish that beast of a race (yet!).  Now this is a blog detailing our obsession with all things running and our hoarding of medals.



8 comments on “About R.I.P.

  1. Kate says:

    While I think you are both nuts, I’m also increadibly in awe of you both. This is an amazing undertaking and will make a great blog. I look forward to hearing all the tales and finally hearing about the final race.
    Is there a runners version of ‘break a leg’? That one seems inappropriate somehow.


  2. Andrea says:

    Awesome blog!!!!! I’m looking forward to reading all your updates as you guys get ready…. me I’m getting ready for the 100 km Oxfam race! So far training is going well… if I’m walking at the end of it it will be a miracle!!! *lol*

  3. Congratulations on your insanity! I look forward to following your blog. I also look forward to seeing you on the trails as i attempt ( for the secound time) to solo the Canadian Death Race. In case you dont really understand the course you are about to run up and down MOUNTAINS not hills. Leg 1 says relatively flat……..that is relative to the rest of the course only…not the real worl. Leg 1 is hilly compared to most runners routes. Leg 2 in comparrison is NUTS! Its an almost vertical climb for over 1 hour! Its so much fun that i still dream of it. Hills Hills Hills, and if you dont have hills then tonnes of stairs, 1 legged squats and speed interval work!!
    wish you the best! Have fun Extreme Chef……Stefan

  4. Found your blog through the search engine “Bing”, when I was trying to get some information on the trail race “Pick Your Poison”.
    You have a great blog, very happy to follow! 🙂

    • Thanks Carl. I’m lucky enough to be travelling through Central and South America right now, so you probably won’t see many new posts here for awhile. Good luck with PYP it’s a fantastic race. H

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