The Dangers of Drinking and Running


Well I suppose it would be remiss of me not to post on the latest running mishap. This time it wasn’t even Heather damaging herself it was yours truly.

Last Thursdays training run was a run of two parts, the first part of the run was a brisk 10k followed by a couple of pints and plate of nachos with Heather and Cam. Part one was very pleasant, part two not so much. Heather and I bid farewell to Cam and started our run home.  Barley 500m later I managed a very public trip and nose dive into a flower bed whilst trying to dodge pedestrians.  A little shaken I got to my feet, quick system check, hmm a little dirty, little shocked all seems ok, oh hang on did I always have that hole in my leg?  On rapid reflection I concluded that this was a new hole indeed.  Heather was great making sure I wasn’t more broken and suggesting I also clean my face up a little as it seemed to be disturbing passers by.  At this stage my options seemed to be; feel sorry for myself and catch the subway home or run the last 5k of my run, obviously I chose the latter which elicited strange looks from people, fair considering the blood running down my shin.



Now when I am not moaning about an injury it is bad news.  If I am moaning typically I am just being a wuss, however if I get all stoic then we may have something of an issue.  We had an issue, Heather attempted to clean out the wound but as she did he realized it was both dirtier and deeper than our home first aid kit was able to handle, despite my efforts to dig bark mulch out of the gash with a Q-tip (eventually this resulted in me feeling kinda woozy).   So this was to be my first trip to a Canadian accident and emergency (they just call it Emergency here).  The Doc did a great job of cleaning me up, and I ended up with 4 stitches. During the stitching and cleaning I chatted to the doctor about running and up coming races, which I think was good because he didn’t say I wasn’t allowed to run.  I think he knew that I was not going to abide by this even he did say it, instead he simply told me to stick a band-aid over it and keep it clean.



The next day my leg was stiff and I was hobbling a bit, decided to skip the MEC 10k I had planned for Saturday and rest up ready for my birthday run. Heather however still ran the race and set herself a new 10k pb.

You will all be pleased to know that I am whingeing and complaining about my leg – I must be in the mend.

9 comments on “The Dangers of Drinking and Running

  1. Gary McGugan says:

    Your run Sunday, despite the sutures and discomfort, was admirable. But, just as a possible future consideration, it might be better to run first — then eat and drink. Just saying!

  2. Mom says:

    Dan, you have run and won the beer mile 2 years in a row and that is running and drinking. I think you caught Heatheritis, as falling usually happens to her, although that is usually with no drinking involved. Once it is healed you will have a nice battle scar and a story to tell. xo

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    glad to hear that your whining default is back in place ! just an observation, have you heard the popular belief that the longer you are with someone, the closer you become,until you begin to take on some of their traits ….. only saying xxxxx

  4. Alex Campbell says:

    Damn dude! I WAS hungry. Now I just want to go out and get a bigger gash with 5 stiches or more so we can be like those dudes in Jaws, comparing scars. Shouldn’t take too long. I’m a bit of a clutz. Stay thirsty my friends 🙂

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