Left Unsupervised

While the cats away the mice will register for 100 mile races.

Little does she know

Little does she know

So Heather left for a final training run on the Sulphur Springs course where she will be running a hundred miles in a few short weeks.  Leaving me behind to do the exercises prescribed to me by the Physio and clean the condo. However as I have a lot of pent-up energy from not running this week I was able to dispatch with these tasks at warp speed, leaving me with time on my hands, and what does a guy do when he has time on his hands and it is too early to crack a beer? He registers to run a hundred miles obviously.  Oh and incase you are wondering how H will have found out about this? She just read it!



Don't mind if I do

Don’t mind if I do

100 will do nicely

100 will do nicely

So where and when will this adventure occur?  I will be running the Haliburton 100miler on Sept 7th. Learning from Heather, I have chosen a local race, so no travel pressure, also it is not a mountain course, I am not kidding myself I know there is still plenty if elevation gain to be had and technical trail to navigate but Heather is the mountain goat not me. The biggest fear factor other than of course running a hundred miles is that I am going to be doing it with no crew and no pacer, not going to lie I am as much excited by this prospect as I am worried.  More to follow on how I plan compensating for the lack of crew.

Oh bugger, I actually just did this!!!

Oh bugger, I actually just did this!!!

I have also included my training plan, any thoughts or insights are gratefully received.

Tell me what you think, modeled off Bryon Powells  training for 100miles on 50 miles per week.

Tell me what you think, modeled off Bryon Powell’s training for 100miles on 50 miles per week.

In the mean time will carry on with my Physio and get back out running next week, I do believe two weeks today I have 40k of pacing duty.

Damn still too early for a beer, wonder what else I can register for….


7 comments on “Left Unsupervised

  1. Mum & Gaz says:

    He He He !! Gaz says if you have just registered for that – then its not too early for a beer ! xxxxxx

  2. Gary McGugan says:

    It appears you may be quite busy for the next few months. Good luck with the training and the run!

  3. Mom says:

    Well H will not have to wonder what you are up to when she is not there now…you will be training, training, training. That would keep most people out of trouble, but not you Dan. Good luck and happy running. xoxo

  4. Steve Stewart says:

    Hey I was planning on Halliburton 100 mile too. I’ll see how my 50 miles at Sulphur Springs goes fiirst.

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