WTF a DNF at TNF Bear Mountain 50 Miler


I’m pissed off, Bear Mountain 50 miler was a DNF.

I am thinner than I was last year, I am better trained than I was last year, I am faster than I was last year.  Yet I couldn’t get the job done, principally the running Gods decided that the Monday prior to my race I was to wake up with agonizing shooting pains from my heel all the way up my IT band (note if I ever become musician and work with computers this would be a good band name). To add to this I decided to vomit up everything I tried to eat.  Oh and I saw F’ing snake, I hate snakes.

Bloody hell re-reading what I have just written makes me sound like a whiny tosser making excuses for a piss poor performance.  Being this negative and pissed off is very out of character and it is a funk I don’t know how to shake, especially as I am still left with a knackered right leg.

What am going to do about it? Register next year and give it another go? Carry on being a whinging Pom? Or to hell with 50 milers bring me 100 miles?

I had 8 and a half hours on the drive back to stew on the above, the only logical solution seems to be run a hundred miles, but honestly my confidence is shaken, so watch this space…

Oh heck I can’t leave the post like this pissed or not, there are too many great things about this race not to acknowledge a few of them.

The course is beautiful and challenging, race day organization is perfect, the post race festival is a blast. As always most of all the people who race these things are awesome, I met a lot of great people on The Bear Mountain course, not least of all James who not only made my last few kilometers a blast, also kinda made me feel like a rock star when he said he had read our blog and wasn’t the first person that day to say it.

Ahh bollocks bring on the 100.

Dan in the dark, waiting to start.

Dan in the dark, waiting to start.

50 milers ready to go.

50 milers ready to go.


5 comments on “WTF a DNF at TNF Bear Mountain 50 Miler

  1. Mom says:

    Wow, you guys are so hard on yourselves. Good to get out your frustration though. Make sure you get your injury looked at first and then get it fixed, before you run too far. And that’s advice from mom…xoxo

  2. klloyd05 says:

    Your Mom is a wise lady. So you had some problems on this race and didn’t finish? You are entering 50 mile races. That’s impressive in itself. It sounds like you had some very valid reasons for stopping. If you had continued, you would have been more injured. Rest up your injuries and get well. Then focus on your next challenge.

  3. James C. says:


    You hit the starting line which is more than most can say. You then persevered thru 20plus miles on a strict diet of anti calories and a hobbled leg. Super job in my book!

    By the way thanks again for the “hand of Dan” with out it I would have missed that cutoff for sure! I had a blast meeting, running and hanging with you and Heather.

    I will be back next year. I’ve got a Bear to bring down.

    P.S. a HUN”DREAD” that’s all I’m saying. Go get’em friend.

  4. Mum & Gaz says:

    What are you even thinking, doubting yourself ! So this is first time injury has got in your way probably wont be the last , you run some fantastic races, set your selves some awesome challenges and inspire me to do something i never thought i could – suck it up boy and bring on the next challenge !!!!! i do not want to hear any more negative thoughts from you – you are amazing !!! love you loads xxxxx

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