Medal Mania


Hello my name is Dan and I am a medal hoarder, it has been 74 days since my last medal and by crieky that is just too damn long. This is a situation that could easily be resolved however.  Our plan run 2 races in eight days, but hey why pussyfoot around let’s make it 3 races in eight days. First up the Rock n Roll marathon in Washington DC, followed by a midweek 5k race to celebrate the opening of our brand new Running Room and to cap it off we would be returning to the Around the Bay race in Hamilton.

The DC race was a blast and Heather’s full race report will either have already been posted or will be shortly.  However a few highs and lows from the race. The highs were the amazing sights, the off the chart spectators (Torontonians take note you can actually enjoy the races in your city even if you are not running in them), my ongoing nutrition and hydration experiment yielded some good results only requiring 400ml of water and one gel, and finally we executed our plan to run this at a training pace and just enjoy. The lows well anyone on Facebook will have seen the graphic picture of my awesome chafing just to clarify that was my leg not my ass and to those of you who thought it was something else I am flattered 😉 This was all as result of forgetting my running undies. Also in the low column I have to include my 7 min pee stop at km 2, which only really became a low when I missed setting a PB by 2 mins, and yes I know it was a training run but come on it would’ve been nice.  And a non race honorary high has to be the excellent craft beers we spent the two days after the race sampling.  So there we go medal number 1 check.

Medal #1

Medal #1

Medal number 2 came as I mentioned from the grand opening of our local Running Room and their 5k Spring in your step race. Now this was a “semi sorta” race, the roads wouldn’t be closed and their would be a ribbon cutting ceremony before the race. The ribbon cutting may not have been so bad had it not been freezing cold and I wasn’t wearing short shorts (who does? I do) and a tee-shirt. On the plus side as the only idiot in shorts it did make John Stanton, the founder of the Running Room, come and chat to me and commend my spirit (think he meant idiocy). When the race finally got under way we burst out of the start line running hard for at least 50m before we were stopped by a traffic light, this stop start continued for the first kilometer, it was actually cool as I was able to catch the front runners for a second at least. The race then proceeded to do laps around Queens Park before heading back to the store/finish line for pizza and cake. It was a really well organized little race and shockingly even with the lights I set a new 5km PB at 22:24.

Medal #2

Medal #2

Final race of the week was Around the Bay, you know the drill 30k oldest road race in North America, blah blah. This was the race I really intended to race. As seems to be the way with this race, at least in my experience, it was the perfect day for a race – sunny and cool. My plan had been to take off around 10 mins from last year and try to get this done under 2:45.  Out of the gate I was going too fast but it felt good so I decided to run on feeling and not worry about planned pace.  I had a great run didn’t need to take on any calories or water which was great validation to my nutrition plan (or lack of nutrition plan), as always the volunteers and Hamilton residents/spectators were fantastic. So in the end I managed to take nearly 21 mins off last years time and set a 30k PB.   Then it was off for post race beer and pizza with Melissa and Steve.

Timing chip #3

Timing chip #3

So there we have it three medals in eight days, in hindsight the 7 min bathroom break did prevent me from making it three PB’s in a week, but that would have been a weak PB.

Busy week.

Busy week.


2 comments on “Medal Mania

  1. Gary McGugan says:

    Nice additions to your hoard! And a fine start to your new running season. I have no doubt those PBs will improve throughout the summer. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mom says:

    Good job…you have always liked shiny things! You will have lots more…with all of your planned runs this year, and I am sure there will be more pb’s to go along with the medals. xoxo

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