With Great Age Comes Great Distance


Last year I started what I hope to be a life long tradition, on my birthday I ran 1 km for every year I have been shuffling around this mortal coil. To my amazement plenty of great friends and family showed up to celebrate with me.

This last week I had a Facebook message from Heather’s cousin Dan (don’t even get me started with the number of Dan’s in the family) asking if I was doing it again this year and if I had any suggestions how to train for the full distance. My initial reactions was “easy tiger it is months away” and “what business do I have telling people how to train?”  Then I got to thinking, typically training plans range from 8 all the way up to 24 weeks depending on the distance  you want to run, the longer the distance the more base mileage they expect the runner to have.   Hmmm could I build training plans for each of the distances I planned to offer?!!

Challenge accepted, so with a combination of my own knowledge and the Google machine I set to work this snowy afternoon digging through other people’s programs. Very much a Goldilocks paradigm, this plan is too hard, this plan is too easy, this plan is too speed focused, so after a couple of hours of tweaking I think I have come up with a few plans that are just right.

The plans will be inserted in this post somehow (editor Heather will be taking care of such technical matters).

35km Plan

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 6.08.36 PM

21km Plan


10km Plan


5km Plan


Exercise and living well has come to mean a lot to me.  I have always struggled with my weight and know that diet alone, at least not one I would be happy to eat is enough to make me or in my humble opinion any of us “healthy”.  We put a lot of stock in being thin, but if you can’t run around the block or carry heavy grocery bags up a few flights of stairs, all you have done is achieved an aesthetic, which is nice but a little hollow and not overly useful. Cousin Dan’s wife actually wrote a great blog recently along these lines, specifically on her clients primary goals of just being thin rather than fit  which you can read by clicking here.

Pardon my digression. I would love for all of you to join me on my birthday for a run, the distances will be 5km, 10km, 21km and 35km (I know I really don’t look it). Now granted you don’t all live near me or in many cases on the same continent however it would be a great birthday gift to me and a pretty awesome gift to yourselves if on July 28th you get out there and run!!!

I may regret this later but I am also going to offer up my services as your coach, so feel free to ask me questions about the training plans, nutrition and even lube and I will do my very best to answer them all, any sports bra questions however I may have to defer to Heather.  So what do you say, are you up for it?

Now just to make this blog a little prettier here are some pictures about how not to go train in knee high snow….

Winter wonderland!

Winter wonderland!

The downhills were fun, no fear of falling.

The downhills were fun, no fear of falling.

Be careful where you step our you will end up with a frozen foot.

Be careful where you step or you will end up with a frozen foot.

The picture I hope they will use when they find our frozen corpses in a thaw.

The picture I hoped they would use when they find our frozen corpses in a thaw.


8 comments on “With Great Age Comes Great Distance

  1. Mom says:

    I’m in for the 10km Dan. I agree with both your’s and Mariana’s blogs, we all owe it to ourselves to stay fit. It will give me a fun reason to train and help me run after my new grandchild (when she/he runs). xoxo

  2. Great post; Dan! I look forward to joining you, probably for the 10K.. Long distances aren’t my cup of tea (as witnessed by me always choosing sprint triathlons). But this year I’ve committed to running a 10K, so why not join you as you celebrate your birthday. Dan is thinking about the 21K.

    Thank you for the link back to my blog as well; glad you enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to running with you!

  3. Daniel McDougall says:

    I read through the 35KM training plan and the time commitments are not as bad as I thought they would be. The longest times will be on Sunday. I don’t know whether to got for 21km or try for 35.

    • raceinpieces says:

      Hey Dan, they are pretty similar except some longer weekend runs. Why not give the 35 ago and then there is no harm in moving to the 21 if the time commitment is getting to great.

  4. I guess all the Dans are going to leave me in the dust, then!

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