If At First You Don’t Succeed….


cry, cry try, try again.
There is a part of me that still can’t believe what I’ve done, a part of me that thinks I’m stupid for doing it and the rest of me I always kind of knew I was going to do it.  I signed up for the Mogollon Monster 100, again.
I know, I know, last year when my run was over I swore up and down that I would never ever do it again. I swore that no sane person would ever willingly do it.  But…
After leaving Arizona, I missed it.  It’s a beautiful state, and we met so many wonderful people along the way, other than the whole being allowed to carry guns thing, I could  picture myself living there.  And then there is the race itself.  The creator and RD Jeremy is an amazing guy, all the people who supported the race were amazing, the other participants amazing, the views along the race amazing.  You can see where I’m going with this.
The New Year arrived with some big changes at my work and I had to focus on the things I could control in my life instead of worrying about the things I can’t.  So I thought long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish this year and one thing kept coming up, 100 miles.  A belt buckle.  I considered picking a different race, but why not go back to something I know (like the route, hopefully I wont get lost this time) and check it off my list instead of leaving it there along with the Deathrace.  I bit the bullet and registered so I couldn’t change my mind (and in small part to avoid the price increase it’s not cheap to get to Arizona).
So there you have it, I’m going to go and take care of some unfinished business, maybe spot the Monster and even if it kills me, get a buckle.

12 comments on “If At First You Don’t Succeed….

  1. Alison says:

    I agree with the first part of you!!!! You are crazy!!! I’m sure you’re right and achieve but seriously how much is the buckle??? I will email the guy and buy it for you!!! I already know what the response will be as me buying you the buckle is not the same as you earning but good Lord how did you get so nuts? 🙂 I still love you though!!

  2. Hell yeah! Everyone was so excited to see that you and Dan were coming back. It’s a tough decision I know, but one I know you’ll be thank full you made when you trudge your way back into Pine 106 miles later. We won’t even make you carry a weapon! 🙂 (Hey, it’s the Old West, we just barely got Martin Luther King day off…so we’re a little behind the times here…)

    You’re going to rock it and can’t wait to see you both this fall!

  3. Mum & Gaz says:

    just knew in my heart you could’nt walk away from it ! this year will be your year for the buckle – go for it H !

  4. Mom says:

    H there is no point in trying to get a buckle if it is going to kill you. Please keep that in mind while you are running. We would have to bury you with the buckle, not much point in that. If it means that much to you then go for it, but come home safe and sound and show us your beautiful buckle! Love Mom & Dad xoxo

    P.S. are we going to time warp Pennsylvania again?

  5. Gary McGugan says:

    You can do it. With careful training and your usual outstanding perseverance, you will earn much more than a buckle. Good Luck!

  6. Nanna maureen says:

    H you are puddled and to have to pay as well luv u puddled girl x x Nanna Maureen

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