Highland Jig (Robbie Burns Race Report)


Part of my winter training has been focused on building my base speed. At the end of last season I ran the Toronto Island 10km and set a base line for the shorter faster stuff. Today I ran the Robbie Burns 8km as a check-in race to see how things are progressing.

Bright eyed and ready to go.

Bright eyed and ready to go.

Beautiful crisp cold sunny day to run it. Not so crisp was yours truly, I had far too much to drink last night and was way too late going to bed, guess I will be running this race Scottish style, that is with last night beer still swilling around my gut.  If there was any doubt about whether I was hung over it was quickly cleared up as the bagpipes started to pipe. I dislike the instrument (if you can call those Scottish monstrosities instruments) at the best of times, but this morning they seemed to be boring a hole into my brain.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy the piping and I have to admit their energy level was a bit infectious and by the time the pipers piped us to the start line a little colour had returned to my cheeks and there was something close to a spring in my step.

Dan didn't appreciate the noise.

Dan didn’t appreciate the noise.

As the race got underway I started pass a lot of people, in my muzzy headed state I had seeded myself horribly. Soon enough though the group thinned out. I went through the first km checked my watch saw a 4:53 pace, not even close to what I wanted to see, annoyed that my watch obviously was broken as this pace felt fast I decided to sulk at it and not talk to it again until the last 2km, that will teach it!

The km’s ticked by and I was cheered on by some great race volunteers. As I sweated out the beer, the pipe induced headache subsided as did the urge puke, however the nagging feeling that at any moment I could “shart” stayed with me for most of the race, light grey pants may not have been the best option.

At 6km I hoped that my watch had learned its lesson, quick glance revealed a slightly improved 4:47 pace. I pushed on for the last 2km high, fiving a group of kids 500m from the finish, as I turned onto the home straight I saw H and gave her my best Zack Ryder “woo woo woo you know it” (with fist pump).

Ended up with a 4:43 pace not bad compared to the Toronto Island 10k (4:50 pace) considering just how rough I felt.

2 comments on “Highland Jig (Robbie Burns Race Report)

  1. Mom says:

    Well Dan, I think you have found your answer…always run with bagpipes! Glad you had a great Sat. night and a great run! xoxo

  2. Mum & Gaz says:

    Gaz says ” always run away from bagpipes that seems to be the plan to speed you up – although i think that your pace was excellent even more impressive knowing that you had overindulged the evening before ! just think what you would do if you were as clean living as me ! Gaz says scratch that and think how fast you would be with twice the amount of beer xxxxx

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