Toronto Midnite 5km Run Race Report

Registering for this race included a full size bottle of Preseco.

Registering for this race included a full size bottle of Prosecco.

Happy New Year!  We have already competed in our first race of 2013.  Why?  Because Dan thought it would be fun.  I was won over when I discovered that we would each get a bottle of Prosecco (even happier to find they were full sized when we picked them up!).  Race entry was a bit steep for a 5km but we got a lot of goodies in our race kits and were well fed and watered post-race.

Start line

Getting ready to go at the start.

The race started at the stroke of midnight.  Well, we think it did as the race clock konked out with 30 seconds to go and most of us were more preoccupied with not setting ourselves (or anyone else) on fire with our sparklers.


Sparklers for the count down.

Lots of cheering and kissing and we were off.  This race website encourages not trying to set a PB, it’s quite twisty, also its dark, and we’ve had a bit of snow recently (glad I wore trail shoes).

the course

Lots of out and backs = lots of tight turn arounds.

My favourite part of the course was the turn around with fireworks, both times we went past there was a man making sure we were running under the glow of fireworks add to that the beautiful view of the CN tower and I would have run 5km around that little loop.


Dan ahead in typical winter running gear. In the distance the CN Tower.  On the left some blurry fireworks.

It took 26 minutes to finish (I think the 4km beer/champagne stop may have slowed us down).  I started the year out with some good running karma by not passing an 8 year old girl down the finishing shoot and successfully blocking a fully grown mans attempt to.  I hope the running gods are pleased with their gift.


Another medal for the pot.

Afterwards there was more beverages and lots of food.  It was also fun to have all the merrymakers from the local bars come out and want a picture with us and have them tell us that we are crazy people (um I’m not the one the standing outside in a barely present skirt and a strapless top).

I can’t say for sure that we’d do this race again as I found it difficult to get myself motivated to go out for a run that late, but I’m glad we did at least once.


2 comments on “Toronto Midnite 5km Run Race Report

  1. Mom says:

    Looks like you had fun, hope you enjoyed your spoils! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. Ann & Gaz says:

    looked like a brilliant race – think i would have forced myself out for the fireworks alone ! xxxxx

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