Obligatory last post of 2012

It’s been a bit quiet around here.  That’s because I’ve been spending the last few weeks fattening up for winter, you know too much food, way too much sugar and while I’d like to say my alcohol consumption has sky rocketed it’s remained pretty steady (I drink too much all year long!).

Things started out ok, even though we went on vacation we ate really well and even went on two runs and lots of walks, but once we got home it got cold and I found it easier and easier to skip runs/exercise.  Add to that the fact that my foot is still bothering me and it’s been a perfect storm for doing nothing.

Heading out on a jungle trail run. About 2 hours later it was raining so hard that the water was running over the bridge I was standing on.

The trail

The trail was kind of rocky. On our return trip it was actually a small river!

single track

Island running was flat with less jungle, but still challenging.

On the foot front I’ve been going to acupuncture, which well, feels nice (she also does acupressure massage) I’m not convinced it’s fixing my foot, I do however think it is helping my general well being.
I finally caved and went to see Laura, the physiotherapist that has never seen me injured since every time I get around to see her my problem has magically resolved itself.  I am happy to report this was not the case this time.  Usually while Laura does her assessment and bends my legs in all sorts of unnatural ways I feel nothing, but this time she was nearly kicked in the face after finding the sensitive spot on my foot.  Of course it’s not a ‘usual’ problem area (it never is for me) so books had to be pulled out and a lot of (painful) manipulation done before it was decided that I had tendonitis, specifically of the peroneus tertius.  I’ve provided a picture below:

Find the peroneus tertius tendon and you've found the root of all my troubles (well foot related ones).

Find the peroneus tertius tendon and you’ve found the root of all my troubles (well foot related ones).

As disappointing as it was to find there was actually something wrong with me, I started to secretly get excited about all the rest I would be doing.  Alas, it was not be, no rest for me.  It turns out foot tendonitises ‘like’ exercise, that’s why it often takes people with foot “itises” so long to heal, they rest too much (her words not mine).  So I left relieved that my foot pain wasn’t all in my head and with a list of exercises to do.  She also told me I could run as long as it didn’t hurt while running, then I should stop.  Of course I don’t really feel like running right now, I feel too chubby for my unforgiving running tights and it’s too cold for shorts and when I finally did drag my butt out last week it was in the midst of a snow storm.

Final fun fact for 2012, the search term that brought people to our blog most often….

Baboon Butt


4 comments on “Obligatory last post of 2012

  1. Ann & Gaz says:

    baboon butt – what a surprise ! bet Dan had something to do with that blog ! glad that your foot is finally solved – it will soon be better – so that will be even more running ! enjoy your last run of the year and happy new year to “race in pieces ! xxxxxxx

  2. Mom says:

    Baboon butt searches…makes you wonder about people. You could not stay away from running if you tried. Here’s to a healed foot and great runs in 2013!
    Love, Mom & Dad xoxo

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