What Colour Comes After Blue?

Some have you may have guessed from my last post that I was feeling a little down, but I’m getting over myself and feeling somewhat normal again.  Haven’t really done much running but I’m ok with that, the weather has been horrendous.  I braved one early morning run in the rain and was nearly hit by a van (Dan lost his cool and nearly dragged the man out of the vehicle to point out my day glow yellow t-shirt, so that made the run kind of exciting), but since then I’ve been enjoying catching up with friends, participating in pub quizzes and having days of doing nothing.
I came across this article, it’s for triathlete’s but really it could apply to any athlete at the end of their season, and it really helped me find some perspective.  The gist is that we should stay active, have fun, and reflect on our past season’s training.  I have taken all of this in stride and have been going to yoga,  boxing classes (which have helped remind me that I have an upper body), picked apart what actually happened at the  Monster and what I’m going to do about it.  The truth I didn’t really do all that bad at the Monster.  Getting lost for nearly an hour really screwed with my time but realistically it was just one mother fudging hard course, that I wasn’t completely prepared for (and still don’t know exactly how to without moving to Pine, AZ).
Little Sister has a theory that I keep picking really hard goal races because I don’t want to succeed  “what would you do then?” she asked.  She was shocked to find I’d already thought of other punishing things I could do to my body, but she has a point.  I don’t really set my self up for success, I need to work on that.  I know I’m capable of running 100 miles.   My next attempt is going to be close enough to home to train on the course, and take advantage of being close to home with additional crew and pacers.  Let’s just say some ideas have been floated around, but nothing has been decided, I’m enjoying not having a goal for the next few months.
There have been lot’s of talk amongst others who were slayed by the Monster about going out again next year for revenge and redemption.   I’m more interested in returning because of the wonderful people, stunning scenery and challenging course.  “Revenge is a confession of pain.  I am not hurt. I am hungry.”*
Only time will tell what colour comes after blue…and just how hungry I am.
*Quote from Ryback (if you know who that is without looking it up, then we share the same shameful secret.)

3 comments on “What Colour Comes After Blue?

  1. Mom says:

    Glad your feeling better. Maybe that’s the secret, you are meant to run your 100 miles close to home. Happy running.
    Love us. xoxo

  2. runshorts says:

    Sorry it’s been a rough go lately. Maybe some local silly seasonal runs to bring the fun back into run?

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    I think your attitude to all the challenges you set yourself is fantastic – you say you meet some brilliant people, you always learn something from it , afterwards you dust yourself down and move forwards ! dont forget that they are challenges – not walk in the parks ! be proud of yourself for all you do – we are ! xxxxx

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