I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

This week has been a taper week, pretty relaxing all round.  Dan has been working late so I’ve been using my extra time to catch up on some girly movies.  I know some people don’t like tapering, but I honestly enjoy it.  Finally getting to start to wind down my mileage, I feel good physically, and mentally, I am happy for the break of trying to fit everything in.
With race day less than a week away (exciting!) my head lamp finally arrived and Dan and I hit the trails last night, with my fancy new light.  It was amazingly bright, like crazy bright, I felt so confident running in the dark, until I noticed all the glowing eyes staring at my from the bushes.  I’d point them out to Dan but he wouldn’t see them, so that freaked me out even more.  When we hit a turn around point there was multiple pairs of eyes glowing at me, and I thought I was going to cry, but these eyes weren’t hidden in the bush, and I could finally make out what was staring at us, it was a family of deer (I don’t know if they were really a family but I decided they were).  Suddenly my headlamp was kind of cool, I started to relax a little, and then Dan turned out his light and told me to run back the road,  he would catch up but that I needed to run on my own for a bit.  He was right, so I took a deep breath, and put my brave face on and took off.  I made it to the road safe and sound, I had to sing to myself a few times, but I often sing to myself anyway.  So there I was standing at the road, pretending not to be scared, when oh so faintly I thought I heard my name being called, in a British accent, that sounded like Dan.  Hmm, is he playing with me?  I heard it again, so I shout back “Yes?”.  Where was he anyway?  Then it occurred to me that there was one big turn that we had to make to get back to where I was, and that Dan’s headlamp wasn’t very good (compared to mine).  So I thought I’d better start back down the trail, I could hear Dan’s shout getting closer so I shouted that he had missed a turn.  He found it.  Turns out that he ended up at a different road, that he thought was the same road but it wasn’t, so he had to back track and he calling to make sure I was ok, because he was worried that I might have been scared.  Oddly enough I wasn’t, I wasn’t even worried about what was taking him so long, my only concern was that he had the car keys.
We carried on together and were enjoying ourselves, I got freaked out by some bucks, because they have antlers, but I do believe my light temporarily blinded them and I made it safely by.  Then my light started flashing, 3 times, and would go dim.  Huh?  What’s happening?  Was the battery dying already?  I was really starting to wish I had read the instructions beyond how to charge and install the battery.  I made the decision that we should head back to the car, because quite frankly Dan’s light was not that bright and I think his batteries were dying too.  Just as we made it back to the car my headlamp died and it started to rain, so I was happy to be at the car.
This morning I read all the instructions to my headlamp, and have figured out where I went wrong, going to go for an early morning test run Monday.
Planned Mileage: 46km
Actual Mileage:
Days Run: 4
Excuses:  Don’t need any.

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