The Monster is coming for me.

So it’s coming, the big day, as I write this it’s only 12 days away, race day.  For the past 22 weeks I’ve been training for this, I have got past injuries, tough training runs, and slogged out many miles.  Since the Baker Trail 50 miler, I’ve felt fairly confident, I’ve never even attempted 100 miles before but I was feeling good.

This week the nerves hit, straight up, after I received this in the mail:

My in-laws good luck wishes.

It’s awesome! It had me smiling ear to ear for 24 hours and then I it hit me, I’m going to try to run 105.5 miles. Yikes!  What the heck possessed me to do this?

I know I’m ready, “the hay is in the barn” there is nothing more I can do.  I think some of my nerves stem from the fact that my headlamp that I ordered still hasn’t arrived, my race plan is scribbled out on about 8 different pieces of paper and I still don’t have a pacer for miles 85 to the finish.  Again, not much I can do.  I have head lamps that will get me through if the fancy one I would prefer doesn’t arrive, Dan has been busy organising my scribbles (thank you!) and I can run 20 miles alone (at least it will be in the daylight).  I will be fine, and I WILL do this.  Hopefully my nerves will pass as I pack up and pick up my last minute things.

This weeks running has been good, my legs have felt tired but I’m coming off my highest mileage week ever, so that was to be expected.  My long run this week was at the cottage, Dan and I ran the rail-trail to the ski hill and back.  We passed a flea market:

The Frankford Flea Market

A Medieval Fair being assembled:

There was archery, axe throwing and something to do with boats.

Safely crossed some roads:

Dan was practicing being my pacer and getting me safely across the road.

And saw a tiny railroad:

A railroad along the rail-trail.

Planned Mileage: 64km

Actual Mileage:

Days Run: 5

Excuses: Wimped out over some hamstring cramping at the end of my long run.  Close enough.


6 comments on “The Monster is coming for me.

  1. Crazy Race. Best of luck on the course! Looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Gary McGugan says:

    Heather, you are going to be just fine. You have the conditioning. You have (most) of the required equipment and accessories. You have a small but outstanding field support team (Dan). And you have mental strength that others can only envy! Have a great time on this experience of a lifetime! Cheering you on, with love, Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary

  3. Mom says:

    Now that the headlamp has arrived there is no question you will finish….upright and smiling! Ditto to Uncle Gary’s comment. Love the 4 Cabelleros.

    • raceinpieces says:

      Thanks Cabelleros (doesn’t that mean Spanish gentlemen?). Now all I have to do is figure out how to work said headlamp, and believe me technology has not been on my side this week!

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