Toronto Island 10km Race Report


This week Heather and I decided to race separate races on the same day.  Conveniently both were local, mine the Toronto Island 10km was unsurprisingly run on Toronto Island.
Because my mileage was a little sad this week I had to run to the race to play a little catch up (got to make sure I am pacer ready for the Monster, and for Heather’s race). What was really cool was that I got to take the island ferry over, much cooler than a school bus shuttle.  A short walk (oops, guess I should have been running) later I was at the start line, before my race got underway we got to cheer on the 5k runners, there were some fast looking guys and gals that looked like they were going to be challenging for the course record, the reward for which being $500, hmm maybe I will try and take the 10k record!!
After the 5k guys were off and on their way I lined up for the 10km.  Quick count down and we are off, I am surging away couple of glances down at my watch and I see that I am well ahead of my planned pace (target time was simply sub 50 mins) my internal monologue went something like this :
“This is easy I own 10k’s these suckers should try a real challenge, they should come to my world try and race a proper distance, silly road runners!!”
Then by 3km it switched to something more along the lines of;
“Shit this is hard, these idiots run this fast all the time, oh my god I am going to die, 7 more km at this speed, no one is even able to talk to one another, I wonder if I can talk?”
Answer to that was yes but not much, I did still manage to thank the volunteers marshaling and at the aid stations, it was kind of sad that I was the only one, guess us trail junkies are just an overly polite bunch.
So after a little more constructive internal discussion I decided that I needed to dial back the pace for a km and get things back on an even keel. After that I ran a little more conservatively and maybe even slowed the pace a little more as I passed the clothing optional beach!  The rest of the race went pretty well, and I was able to start cranking up the pace over the last few km’s, brining it home in 48:39 (made my goal, but had to fight for it).
The race certainly left me with a new found respect for shorter distances and their ability to kick my slow ass.  The race was excellently run by the Longboaters, a long established Toronto running club.  This is a club that I have been toying with the idea of joining, after seeing what a great event they put on I think I may just have to sign up.
Oh yeah and I still had mileage to make up so I had to run home, which was an interesting experience after scoffing down a burger and 3 cookies at the post race BBQ.

One comment on “Toronto Island 10km Race Report

  1. Mom says:

    Great job, glad to hear you are gearing up to be a pacer. We kicked ass in Madrid walking 10 km. Beer/ Sangria aid station every 5 km.
    Love the Spanish nuts xoxo

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