Birthday Bash


It was Dan’s birthday on Sunday and this year he wanted to do something a little different.  He ran 34km for his 34th and he invited friends and family to come along.  We had a great turn out, with people joining us for different distances, including a speed walker who did 30km!!

Geoff joined us for the full 34km

Amanda joined for 16km.

Speed walker Gary we did an extra 9km for a grand total of 30km!!

Picked up Mommy, Alex and Brandon for the final 10km

Anne-Marie (Geoff’s better other half) ran the final 5km.

Dan has been carrying on his mad scientist thing too:

More fat books, that I will be interested to see if Dan ever finishes!

That’s a lot of heavy reading.


Planned Mileage: 69km

Actual Mileage:

Days Run: 4

Excuses:  None.  This week was really good.  My runs were fantastic and I managed two days of weight training.

P.S.  Nike, why don’t these come in my size?

3 comments on “Birthday Bash

  1. Mom says:

    H glad you had a great training week…keep up the good work! Thanks for including me in your birthday celebration Dan…it was a lot of fun!

  2. Mom says:

    PS….the shoes are super cute!

  3. Gary McGugan says:

    I think your characterization of me as a ‘speed walker’ may be just a tad on the generous side. I suspect that serious speed walkers do a lot better than 6 km /hour. But I had a lot of fun and am already training for 35 km @ 35. Thanks again for a really nice day!

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