Mogollon Monster Training: Week 12


Planned Mileage: 76km

Actual Mileage:

Days Run: 2 (1 day I ran twice)

Excuses:  Where to start?  Tuesday I ran 6km in the morning followed by 10km that evening, off to a good start!  But that evening while doing my stretching routine disaster struck, I fell off my foam roller.  You know the big fat foam things that you roll your legs over (to torture massage yourself with), I was face down working on my quads listening to Dan’s story about how he always wanted a metal detector (I’m not make that up) and then wham, both knees smash down on the ground!!  Dan just stared in disbelief, I do these exercises all the time!

So obviously, my knees were a little sore Wednesday morning, so no run.  That evening I headed to my parents house in the burbs to have dinner with Little Sister and her (now) Husband and wish them well on there 4 and a half week honeymoon!  It was a low key affair, but I suspected I was in trouble when Dan told me we needed to get going, it was only 9:30 and us ladies were contemplating opening our 4th bottle of wine!  Oddly enough Thursday morning I wasn’t feeling so well, and didn’t run.  Thursday evening we were going to the baseball game with my uncle and cousins (one of which was Lucas, our crew for the Death Race, who was back in Ontario for a visit), I had every intention of going for a run before the game, but Dan was home when I got there.  He was having a beer and offered me one, and well I thought maybe the old “hair of the dog” might help, but it just meant that I had a beer before we headed off for the game and proceeded to have a few more beers (and had a home run go right over my head!).  So of course that led to no running Friday.  Saturday I ran the Creemore Vertical Challenge.

But seriously, I think those are some great excuses….

By the way I’m officially half way through my training plan, which means 12 weeks to race day.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go throw up.

3 comments on “Mogollon Monster Training: Week 12

  1. Ann & Gaz says:

    Sounds to me like you did some serious rehydrating !!!!!

  2. Mom says:

    How can you call anything that includes 3 bottles of wine low key?

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