Dear Trail Running Gods


Well this sucks, as I hide in my car after DNFing the Creemore Vertical Challenge 50km. It’s not my first DNF, after all I failed to make the cut off for the Canadian Death Race, and Run for Toad where quite honestly I just had a bit of a strop because I wasn’t going to be as fast as I wanted. This time however it was neither time nor my mind that got me….

First a little about the race and the race day.  This is a notoriously hot course, however today it started in the midst of a thunder-storm, so was actually pretty pleasant (oddly enough). The race is a mixture of technical single track (loved it), grass fields which was a different experience and rural roads, alas the later was the majority of the 25k loop (Which should have been run twice). The roads got to me a little and I longed to get back on the single track. However we (Geoff the knee) were doing ok a few mins behind our goal time. The last 3km of the loop were a hoot, took a lot of spills in the mud especially when trying to get up the rope pull.  Covered in mud we motored into the half way point around five mins behind plan, pretty pleased with that considering all the slipping and sliding.

Geoff and I went our separate ways to our cars to reload food and change into dry gear for the second loop.  Then it happened as I am waiting for Geoff to finish off his reload I feel my calves tighten, thinking nothing of it, thought a sensible course of action would be to try to walk it off then it turned into full-blown cramp in both legs, still tried to walk it off, but 1 k into the lap I had to let Geoff go. I planned to keep walking to see if it would ease off, two minutes into this plan I realised that I was buggered so turned for the long walk of shame back to the finish.

Nearly an hour later my calves are still cramping and I am still hiding in my car. At the end of the day cramps are a result of bad electrolyte management so I only have myself to blame for this, which pisses me off no end.  So I now have a physical (avoidable) break down to add to my DNF’s – great!!!!

Redemption won’t have to wait too long though, next week is Limberlost 56km and you better believe I am coming back like a powered up Pac Man.

Now no more hiding feeling all woe is me, time to go cheer the other runners on.

P.S. I really hope Heather drives home

P.P.S.  Heather is out there, way ahead of where we were kicking some Ultra Ass.

P.P.P.S.  I did have a good run a few weeks ago setting a PR half marathon time – There that makes me look like less of a loser!


3 comments on “Dear Trail Running Gods

  1. Mom says:

    Dan, now it is my turn to tell you to NOT be so hard on yourself. You are not a loser, anyone who even tries to run 50 km is not a loser. Keep well hydrated and remember the ant with the rubber tree plant…Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!

  2. Dan says:


    All problems just a toy balloon
    They’ll be bursted soon
    They’re just bound to go pop
    Oops there goes another problem kerplop

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    No way are you a loser ! you are amazing ! not only to you compete as an ultra runner – how many are there of those ? you also take the time out to encourage your poor old mum with her feeble attempts at running ! stop being so hard on yourself, sometimes these things happen, next week you will kick Ass – you wait and see ! xxxxx

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