Double Digits


Well, we are into to double digits, that’s right less than 100 days to the Mogollon Monster, 95 to be exact.
This week saw the overhaul of my training plan.  I don’t really know what I was thinking when I selected a 110km/per week average weekly plan.  I’ve re-read certain sections of the book I took my training plan from and clearly I do not fit the profile of the runner for the high mileage plan!
Thankfully I realised before I really injured myself that I was in over my head, so I’ve decided to follow the 80km/week average weekly plan.  That way I can get away with running 4 days a week (instead of 5) and I’m doing 2 days a week of weight classes and one day of cycling.  Hopefully my body will appreciate the lower mileage.
My Mommy also made a comment on my last posting that really struck me:
I don’t really get it but I’m always amazed at how Mommy’s know just the right thing to say exactly when you need to hear it.
It got me thinking that I’ve become a little obsessed with my “numbers” as of late and was sort of forgetting about the “fun” part.  I had to remind myself that running was not my full-time job.  It’s my past-time, my hobby, my “me” time, something that makes me feel good, and yet here I was putting pressure on myself (and my body) to meet some numbers that were pulled from a book (which has a disclaimer stating that this is only a guideline)!  So thanks Mommy (and also to my body) for reminding me that this is supposed to be fun!!
Planned Mileage: 80km
Actual Mileage:
Days Run: 3
Excuses:  Cut my run short on Thursday due to the 30+ temperature, really wasn’t having fun.

One comment on “Double Digits

  1. Mom says:

    So glad I helped. You had an awesome run this weekend the first of many. Keep smiling! xoxo

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