If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But what if it’s broke?


Planned Mileage:  88km

Actual Mileage:

Days Run: 4 (sort of)

Excuses: So, I seem to have noticed a pattern emerging here.  I have an “ok” week of training followed by a “great” week of training, followed by a “terrible” week of training.  I’d like to see a little more consistency, even if it means multiple weeks of “ok” training.

This week started out promising with 16km Tuesday and Wednesday I did 15km including 11 hill repeats, but when I was running home my hip started to burn (on the outside/IT band area).  I didn’t worry too much about it, had a good stretch when I got home and used the foam roller on the area.  Thursday I went out with Dan and didn’t make it 1km, my hip was on fire, I went home and stretched and rolled some more.  Saturday I was scheduled to run 32km, but I knew that would be stupid considering my hip, so I didn’t run at all.  Today (Sunday) I should’ve run 19km, I managed 8km on the trails and felt ok, I actually felt good by the end of it, but then stiffened up in the car and it’s sore again.

Hopefully I can get myself going again, but I am a little concerned with the way I seem to be breaking down.  I looked back in my training log from this time last year, and I’ve noticed one glaring difference.  I’m not doing any weight training.  Last year at this time I was going to a weight class twice a week.  So it’s obvious that I need to get back to my weight classes.

I’m also going to adjust my weekly mileage slightly.  When I set up my training plan I chose the higher end of the mileage scale, I’m thinking that I may not be able to carry the high mileage, which is fine.  I only really ran 4 days a week prior to this so I think I should go back to that and add in some cross-training.  My main goal is to arrive at the start line confident and NOT injured, because I know I can’t run 100 miles with a broken body.


2 comments on “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But what if it’s broke?

  1. Mom says:

    That is an excellent observation H. You need to go back to your roots…upright and smiling! Words to run by. Love us

  2. Ann & Gaz says:

    Think that you are so right to look back at your training from last year, same has happened to me , in a lesser way as no way am i capable of attempting anything like you do ! but i noticed that my hamstring seems to always be playing up, not improving at all, looking back i realised that i dont do my weights as busy trying to run on treadmill ! so i started back on them few weeks ago and leg seems to be improving ! know you will sort it out, xxxxx

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