RUNning Errands


Not too much to report this week, except that I’m back!  I managed to run all week, pain free, even got some hill repeats and a tempo run in.  So I’m feeling pretty good, although it was a low mileage week, hopefully my ‘feeling good’ will carry on.

We used our long run Saturday to run (haha) some errands.  We stopped to pick up some nutrition supplies.

Socking up on fuel.

Then it was off to the running shoe store to pick up new shoes for me.  To be honest I don’t really need any new road shoes right now but these are limited edition and very patriotic.

They just happen to be my style!

Guess what I’ll be wearing July 1?

 I couldn’t resist.
Planned Mileage: 62km
Actual Mileage:
Days run: 5, plus one day of strength and conditioning.
Excuses:  None!  I met my goals this week, we’ll have to see what the next brings.

Dan got a few strange looks for running with a shoe box, thankfully he only had to cart it around for 3km.

Friday we had some wicked weather, the trails were a little messy Saturday morning, a lot of branches and even a few trees down.

Our bathroom break was met with many temptations, if only my camera could send you the aroma. I was ready to sit down and have some pastries!

Training Progress:

2 comments on “RUNning Errands

  1. Mom says:

    Glad your back…love the shoes!

  2. Ann & Gaz says:

    cool shoes ! knew that a rest was all you needed !

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