Let’s see, where to start?  Some have you may have noticed I didn’t post my weekly mileage last week.  Yes it was a long weekend, but no that’s not the reason I didn’t post.  Mainly it was because it looked like this:

It seems that my fall the previous week, did more damage to me than just superficial wounds.  I couldn’t run, at all.

So last weekend I went to the cottage as it was the long weekend here and relaxed in the sunshine and spent time with the family and tried not to whine too much about not being able to run.  I did yoga on the dock and spent a lot of time with my foam roller.  It was actually quite nice.

This week I was able to do a little more (well a lot more in comparison to last week) but sadly I had to face my first ever DNS – Did not start.  Which I guess is better than a DNF (did not finish).  Ultimately it was a good decision as I was in no condition to run a 50km race.  Dan and I had discussed my chances of running Sulphur Springs while at the pub (where many of our family decisions are made), and we agreed that it wasn’t wise to risk further injury.  So I emailed the race director to offer my assistance if he was still looking for volunteers, and it turned out he had just the job for me, I got to be a race marshal and make sure racers went the right way.  To be fair my “junction” was well signed and taped but it turned out to be a fun morning…and a little boring, but mostly fun.  I found some time to play with my new camera.

Where I hung out

Stay left

Go right

A couple of runners heading up reforestation trail.

Had me a little snack, these things are good, thinking it may have race day fuel potential.

Pretty bored now, tried out the fish eye effect on my camera.

Tried out the timer next, but it focused on that bit of my bag in the bottom left.

There we go, timer works, sometimes.

My highlight was when I group of runners went by and went up a different trail confusing some racers (whom I kept on track), but realised that Reid Coolsaet (one of Canada’s olympic marathoner’s for 2012) had just waved at me and given me the thumbs up.  For what I have no idea seeing as he wasn’t racing but still that was so cool (and I’m well aware of what a running nerd that makes me), I responded with a “oh, hey”, yeah I’m so cool.

It was interesting to be helping out instead of racing, most runners were polite and said hello or gave a wave as I cheered and pointed them in the right direction, but there were a few who out-and-out ignored me, most of which were wearing headphones, that even I could hear the music blaring from.  I also helped one racer clean up her knees after tripping on a root, and managed to watch two more people trip over the same root, that’s trail running for you.

To wrap up my training in the last two weeks:

Week 5

Planned mileage: 74km

Actual mileage:

Days run: 1 (if you can even call that a run)

Excuses:  My knee/leg was really giving me trouble.

Week 6

Planned mileage: 83km (including the race)

Actual mileage:

Days run: 3 (once on the treadmill and twice outside)

Excuses:  Still working on my injured leg, but it’s getting better.  Today I ran 15km with no pain, outside at a decent pace.  Made me feel good about deciding not to run the race yesterday.

I’m a little upset with how my training has gone but ultimately I need to arrive at the start line injury free, that being said the last two weeks were not a complete loss.

I’ve started getting back into my strength and conditioning which was missing from my training thus far, and I’m still biking when I can to keep my cardio up so hopefully next week I can get some quality runs in and get myself back on track.


3 comments on “DNS

  1. Mom says:

    Oh H…you sound so sensible. Glad things are turning around. Always good to get a different perspective, and I know you won’t be ignoring any race Marshall’s anytime soon.

  2. Ann & Gaz says:

    It was the best thing that you could have done H – here’s hope all your injuries are in the past – hope that you will enjoy getting back on track xxxx

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