Mogollon Week 4


I can’t even be bothered to come up with a creative title.

Not much to report this week. Running 50 miles seems to have knocked me out.  I’ve slept like the dead all week and had a nap nearly everyday.  My legs were wobbly at best, no stairs for me.  Went for my first run Thursday with Dan and Roberta, watched them get further and further away for most of the run, but I did feel better afterwards for getting out there.

Saturday we went to Sulphur Springs for our long run.  My legs were still very wobbly, in that I had to walk the downhills!!! Uphill no problem, flats feeling good, going down no way.  Speaking of going down, I fell just over 2km into my run.

I thought it best to make sure my brand new camera was still working after falling on it!

Managed to scratch the my whole thigh on the opposite leg.

Another handy reason to have a camera on you while running. I banged my chin so I was able to make sure I’d washed on the dirt off before proceeding. (I’m just happy I didn’t bite my tongue or break a tooth.)

Dan and I chose different routes, so I was all by myself when this happened.  Actually some guy went by me as I was picking myself up and politely let me know he was passing my on left.  Not cool dude, most decent people would have at least asked if I was ok.  Thankfully my faith in the human race was restored when passing a runner in the opposite direction that actually did ask if I was alright.  Also a nice older couple on horses seemed very concerned that I fell on my knee, bless, I wish it was just my knee!  It was a tough slog but I managed 20km, in not too bad of a time all things considered.

Planned mileage: 60km

Actual mileage:

Days run: 2

Excuses:  I ran 50 miles a week ago and didn’t really plan a recovery week mileage wise.  I just couldn’t run.  I didn’t bother running today (Sunday) either because my knee is a little swollen from the fall and I just thought it’s not worth injuring myself, it’s not like I was going to 23km anyway.


5 comments on “Mogollon Week 4

  1. Uncle Gary says:

    I would encourage you to take it a little easier for the next couple of weeks. When your body gives you signals, it does so for good reason. A complete recovery is needed to repair the stress and strain you put on your body during the 50 mile race, and you can’t rush that recovery. Set the bar quite low for the next couple weeks. It will pay off in the long run (no pun intended).

  2. Mom says:

    I agree with Uncle Gary, do not be so hard on yourself. Take time to recover, it should be part of your plan. You ran 50 miles…80kms! Be proud, and keep running. xoxo

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    Have a week off and rest up – you will come back stronger – i am sure that you would advise others to do that, but i bet you wont ! xxxxxx

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