Bearing My Soles

Heather covered all the major points of the race. I do have a pretty random collections of thoughts to add, be warned there are positives, negatives and some down right nasty ones.
Let’s start with an obvious lesson learnt.  I got me some badass blood blisters on my heels, yep both heels, I can’t resist a bit of symmetry.


The cause is two-fold, first I was wearing new shoes not just unbroken in familiar shoes but new and untested other than a quick jaunt the weekend before the race.  Why? Given the lack of trail running so far this year I was worried my feet wouldn’t be tough enough to run in my NB Minimus, so I invested in some slightly padded North Face Single Track Hayasas. The shoes themselves ended up being a good risk the real problem came because I only had one pair of shoes, so when H got to change her shoes at the half way point I had to carry on in the ones I had, which were soaked.  I did have a pair of Nike Frees to change into but they were woefully inadequate for the terrain. So a pretty simple fix going forward.
Any good race needs the right preparation, I don’t mean logging the miles or hitting the gym, that is obvious.  Real preparation requires getting into character and what is the ultimate ultra attribute?  Yep you know it, the ultrastache made a return, this time from a vending machine on our last stop on the way to Bear Mountain.  When I spotted it, it seemed like too much of a sign to ignore.  The stache obviously helped carry me through the race.

Bottom row in the middle. Are you serious???

Good things come in small packages.

The Stache

The Original Ultra Stache

The Ultra Goatee

The Ultra Unibrow

Snakes are terrible creatures, in the future snake free races are a must. Though like the killer goose it did highlight my incredibly well honed flight response.  Nuf said
Ok on too some over sharing.  My hydration was pretty damn near perfect which meant a fair amount of pee stops including one slightly too hurried on where I peed on my shorts. Under normal circumstances I would have been mortified by this but after 8 hours of running it seemed to entertain me, the mind does some crazy things. So peeing on myself is a race first.

Dan getting hydrated before the race even started

Skittles are magic and not just in a taste the rainbow kinda way. Heather mentioned that at the last hard cutoff I had a little sit down before announcing I was ready to carry on. I will attribute this not to the rest but to the three large handfuls of skittles I stuffed into my gob and the ensuing mind altering sugar high.
Baboon butt, is the closet description of my poor bottom following this race that I can think of, see picture below. Along with the ass chafage my balls didn’t fare too well either. Tip if you forget about this chafage shower gel is an excellent reminder.

How Dan’s bottom feels

So those are my thoughts and realizations.  Well there is just one more. For 14 hours 24 mins one thing remained constant, and that was Heather, there is no one I would rather have shared this or any other adventure with, thank-you baby, bring on the next adventure!!!
Planned mileage: 92 km
Actual mileage:  96 km
Days run: 3
Excuses:  Had a bit of making up to do for last weeks shortfall 😉

6 comments on “Bearing My Soles

  1. Your observations and (over)sharing are reminiscent of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey ( in their understated elegance…also good that you captured the various “stache” looks!

    One last question…did the baboon butt have the symetry of the blood blisters?

  2. Dan says:

    Once again sir I am pleased to report perfect symmetry was achieved.

  3. Mom says:

    All I can say is ‘Who knew’! Somewhere in there is an excuse to buy more shoes.
    Keep running and thanks for over sharing.

  4. Roberta says:

    Amazing! Good work, your posted made me laugh too! Go Heather and Dan, you two continue to amaze me…be proud you Ultra Runners!!! :):):)

  5. Ann & Gaz says:

    love it that you can both have a great sense of humor despite all you put yourselves through! you were made for each other !

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