The Day After the Day After


Well we’ve made it home safe and sound from NY state.  I have to say thank you so much for the support that we have received over the last two days, even if you do think we are crazy!
After re-reading the blog (sorry for all the spelling/grammar errors the mobile app is not overly user-friendly) I realise that I seemed to focus on the negative.  Honestly the race was an amazing experience, and we are so proud of ourselves for finishing because it could have been so easy to quit and walk away (ok, hobble away).  But the amazing support we received along the course helped us make it through and we felt amazing as we crossed the finish line.  The thing about ultra distance running is that there are going to be ups and downs, because you are out there for so long, it’s how you deal with both the ups and downs that ultimately will make or break you.  We’re still learning this amazing sport so please bear with us.
So this weeks Mogollon training…
Planned mileage: 113km (including the 50 miler)
Actual mileage:
Days run: 3
Excuses: None!  I didn’t need to be hitting this kind of mileage but the race put me well over.  I skipped running on Wednesday to pack and I didn’t want to over do it going into Saturday.  I can guarantee I will miss my mileage next week because I haven’t really planned in recovery from the 50 miler so we will just see how far I get.
For example on our ride home every bathroom break we took I went straight for the wheelchair accessible  one, because I needed to hang on to the rail to get up and down, my quads are currently shredded, but tomorrow is a new day and tonight there is an epsom salt bath with my name on it!

We passed Marathon on our way to our Ultra Marathon

Breakfast of Champions!

Love purchasing cheap beer from gas stations across from hotels.





2 comments on “The Day After the Day After

  1. Mom says:

    Hi H,
    Glad to see you still have your runner’s high. Enjoy the epsom salt’s bath and make sure Dan is around in case you need help getting out of the tub. Hope your day at work is easy peasy!

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