Moobs and a Woody


Last week was pretty light on the training front, and with good (ish) reason, we are tapering into our first 50 mile race. The race is the North Face Bear Mountain 50 miler, as you remember the last North Face race  I ran didn’t go as planned!!

A few realizations hit us last week, first that we would soon be running a 50 mile mountain race on trails, second we have done no hill training and third we have done no trail running. So in a last ditch attempt to lock the door before the horse bolts we hit up some hill repeats and the trails, running three loops of the hardest part of the Sulphur Springs 50km course.   A little late but on the plus side both runs went very well and in terms of out and out mileage we have covered enough to prepare us for a 50 miler.  I even got a woody on the trail.

I told I got woody, what were you thinking?

Still just a bird.

Also what better way to get ready for a race than run another race.  Heather will tell you all the details of the race, all I will tell you is that it was called The Chocolate Race, and there seemed to be an issue with the mens T-shirts.

This race was clearly marketed for the fairer sex.

The Moob shot!

Yeah, I work out.

A first for Race In Pieces – a Give Away!  Leave a comment below reminding us of the first North Face race we failed at and you could win a signed unwashed (though only worn for modeling purposes) Chocolate Race t-shirt!

Planned mileage: 62km
Actual mileage: 57 km
Number of days run: 4

Excuses:  erm…come on its only 5km, and I did walk 1.5 km to the start of the race and back!!! Ok ok I skipped a day.


7 comments on “Moobs and a Woody

  1. Geoff "Goose Charmer" Pertsch says:


  2. Where are the “animal print pants outta control…” those would go great with your new special shirt!

  3. Dan says:

    Jed you know I got the moves like Jagger

    Thanks to goose charmer the shirt I still up for grabs. I will always have the pictures to remember it by.

  4. Ann & Gaz says:

    you are very rude boy ! i give in with you and accept no responsibility ! mind you did see the jagger similarity ! have a great run on Bear mountain !

  5. Mom says:

    I will not be fooled again into driving you guys to get your car. That would have been an easy 5km! Dan have you thought of taking up a modeling career…Mr. Jagger

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