Dirty Declaration


The Mogollon Manifesto has inspired me to declare my intentions and yes become publicly accountable for my mileage (even though I will be measuring it in kilometers). It also inspired/shamed me into writing again, I had very much lost direction in terms of blogging and had no motivation to write, as H says it was about the Death Race.

I guess I should start with declaring my goal race. My plan is to run the Dirty Girls trail race, a 24 hour run as far as you can loop format. Importantly there is a belt buckle on the line, a prize usually reserved for a 100 mile race. The buckle requirement for Dirty Girls is 120 km in the 24 hours.  That is my goal B, for the first time this year Dirty Girls is offering a 48 hour race, and on offer in this race is a 100 mile buckle. On seeing this I fired off an email to the race director to find out if I ran 100 miles in the 24 hours I would get the 100 mile buckle, she confirmed I would, guess what my plan A is!?!?!

There are plenty of other races planned between now and then, but more about those next time.

Planned mileage:  95 km (tad higher than H as my race is only 16 weeks away)
Actual mileage:  83km
Number of days run:  5

Excuses: poor weekday effort, too much fun to be had celebrating Heather’s birthday.

One comment on “Dirty Declaration

  1. Mom says:

    It is hard when someone has a two week birthday. Keep your eye on the Buckle!

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