The Mogollon Manifesto


This week kicked off my official training for the Mogollon Monster.  Yup in 6 months time I will be completing my first 100 mile race.

When we started this blog to document our training for the Canadian Deathrace it was partly because there wasn’t a lot of info on how to train for the Deathrace and because we thought it would keep us accountable to our training.  Well it failed at both.  If a soon to be Deathracer stumbled upon our blog, it would not help them train any better or smarter, it would hopefully keep them entertained and show them what not to do.  As for keeping us accountable to our training, when I look back at my running log from a year ago it is glaringly obvious that we were not running enough, we were doomed from the get go.

So new year, new race, same blog.  I’m not going to attempt give advice on training, I will leave that to the professionals, there are plenty of books and websites out there.  But I am going to keep my mileage accountable.  They say to run faster you need to run fast.  Same goes for longer.

Starting now, every Sunday, I will publish something about my weeks training (at the very least my mileage vs what was in my training plan) in hopes that this will help me get out of bed at 5am and get my butt out the door, keep me focused, be a constant reality check.  Feel free to heckle or scold me for skimping.

Alright a little more background then onto this weeks training.  I actually have a structured plan for this race from Relentless Forward Progress.  Like all running books the training schedule is what a basic plan should look like, no guarantees, no promises to work for everyone, but a good place to start.  I’m using a 24 week plan based on 70-100 kilometers per week, attempting to only run 5 days per week, with back-to-back long runs on the weekends.  The week is from Monday to Sunday.  So with that here’s what week 1 looked like.

Mogollon Training Week 1

Planned mileage: 60km
Actual mileage:

Woo hoo!!!

Number of days run: 5


This week included my birthday and a weekend long education workshop that I had to take (or else not reach my required education credits for this year and not be able to work, medical field is the way to go if you want to be a life long learner).

Not going to lie, it was tough to fit it all in and this is my lowest mileage week for the next 24!  But I knew that it was going to be tough, and hey I still want to have a life so in all likelihood every week is going to be tough.

4 comments on “The Mogollon Manifesto

  1. Mom says:

    You were very serious in this blog H…maybe you should be the expert! Anyway have fun running, and have fun having a life…Enjoy! xoxoxo

  2. Uncle Gary says:

    Your strategy is a good one. Try to make your weekly goals as specific as possible. I think you you’ll find the more specific they are, the easier they are to achieve. Recommend also that you try to keep to a regular time / schedule as much as you can so it becomes a habit. Also much easier to achieve. Good luck! 100 miles is a very long way!

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