Test Drive


One week ago I was so optimistic and happy about how good my foot was feeling, so much so that I considered going running.  Unfortunately when I woke up Wednesday morning the pain was back (seriously though, what could possibly aggravate an injury when you’re sleeping?).
So I went into a panic once again, but decided ultimately that it would make much more sense to just go and see my physiotherapist and see what she thinks.  Last visit went really well, since Laura was unable to actually find anything wrong with me and after one visit the pain has never returned.  I started to question why I hadn’t thought to go see her sooner.
Of course by the time I arrived for my appointment my foot was feeling pretty good.  So I tell her what’s wrong, she does all her poking and prodding and tells me…that there is nothing wrong with my foot.  She gets me on the treadmill and…nothing.  Foot feels great, I’m not complaining but I’m beginning to feel silly.  After a little more manipulation, I finally give her the response she’d been looking for by flinching in pain…when she rubbed the junction of my calcaneus and cuboid.  There is really nothing there, no ligament, tendon or muscle insertions.  Some circles may call it cuboid syndrome, where basically the bones jammed up (when I fell in the hole), some people need a procedure called the cuboid whip, but my cuboid seemed to have whipped itself back into place.
So I was sent home with instructions to keep doing what I was doing and don’t run if it hurt, but bike to my heart’s content.  I was assured that some people train for marathons just using the bike when they are injured.  At least I haven’t been able to crash the stationary bike…yet.
So this morning two weeks from the last time I ran, when I had no pain for a full 24 hour period, I went for a run!  A glorious, easy 3km, through a sea of fog (that actually had me stopping at red lights because visibility was terrible and I didn’t really think being hit by a car would help my recovery).  I didn’t care because I was running pain-free.  I iced my foot when I got home and then headed for work, by 2pm my foot was sort of throbbing but I think it’s just because I’ve been limping and it was shocked at getting used properly, but the horrible pain has not returned.
Of course Around the Bay 30km is on Sunday so I have big decision to make, but I’m going to wait until race day and hope for the best.  I fully recognize that race plan A is out the window, but I’d be pretty pumped if I could get a pain-free training run out of the day.


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