It’s Been A Long Week


One week ago today was the last time I ran.

Last Tuesday:  Beautiful morning, clocking a great 10km, when about 2km from home my right foot just started to hurt.  Not a niggly soreness, or a dull ache, a horrible shooting pain, right under the base of my fibula (lateral malleolus).  I spent the day hobbling and when possible.

Wednesday:  I still couldn’t really weight bear and I went into panic mode.  What if I could never run again? Would I need surgery?  What if they had to amputate? (I’m not a terribly rational person).  Managed to do a one hour weight class at the gym.  There was much icing, ibuprofening and tiger balming.

Thursday: I had calmed down somewhat.  I was concerned about permanent damage and missing Around the Bay.  More resting, massaging, etc.

Friday:  I was still in pain and that just made me grumpy, if you don’t believe me, ask Dan I’m sure he can vouch for me.

Saturday: Things felt better, sort of.  I was able to do some sewing and cross border shopping.  I purchased two pairs of running shoes hoping my foot would get excited and stop hurting so we could test them out.

Sunday:  I walked (still with a limp) to the gym, did one hour of weights and one of yoga/Pilates.  Some of the yoga poses hurt so I stopped.  Spent that night, well I bet you can guess.

Monday:  I managed to pass people walking to work and I didn’t start to hobble until lunch time.  Returned home to rest, ice, compress and elevate (with some tiger balm and ibuprofen thrown on for good measure).

This Tuesday:    I woke up pain-free, but I was very cautious.  Over tiger balmed before heading to work so I spent most of the morning  wondering if I actually was getting a burn on my foot.  After work I managed a 45 min bike ride, pain-free.  The limp is gone.  There is still some tenderness, but I think a bit of ice and tiger balm should clear that up.

So I’ve decided that I most likely will be able to keep the foot, I might even try go for a run.  A short one, and if things are good (fingers crossed), just ease back into things, slowly.  Because I don’t think I could handle another week like the last.

3 comments on “It’s Been A Long Week

  1. Mom says:

    Glad you kept your foot. Take it easy on your first run, it will get better and remember to …enjoy! xoxo

  2. Ann & Gaz says:

    good job that you held back on the amputation! hope you remember to take it easy on your start back run !

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