I’m Done Sulking


So, some people may have noticed that we haven’t really blogged since my little rant a while back.  (I say we, but who are we kidding Dan hasn’t blogged in ages, he now considers himself the artistic director of this show.)
Some have you may have just assumed that we were busy or hadn’t been running, I wish I could say we were busy (no more than usual), I’m glad to say we’ve still been running so that leaves…sulking.
Yup, not proud to say it but I’ve been a big sulky baby.  Dan has been busy getting a new job.  He’s registered for his goal race, he has a training schedule, tune-up races planned. He’s even busy studying to become a Canadian.
I have been running, but aimlessly and without passion, cutting runs short because “who cares?”, no strength training because “what’s the point?”, nothing new is happening at my work, the promotion I wanted to apply for has been put on hold, I feel stagnant.  Everyone  has so much going on, weddings being planned, babies being born, new jobs, new houses, and here I am just feeling sorry for myself.  Pathetic really.
Dan finally hit his breaking point with my moping and self loathing and spent hours one night trawling the internet book marking races that could I do, when he presented all these choices to me, I couldn’t be bothered to even look at it.  Finally after a couple of days I glanced at a few of them, scoffing when I discovered he picked 100 mile races.
Me: Why are all these races 100 miles?
Dan: Why not?
Me: I can’t run 100 miles.
Dan: Yes you can.
Me: I’ve never run past 67km.
Dan: So?
Me: Did you take out more life insurance on me?
Dan:  If you don’t choose a flipping race soon I’m going to wish I had.
And with that the race list was whittled down, until there was one.
Yup I’m going to run 100 miles, although upon closer inspection of the race website we discovered the course is actually 106 miles(what’s 6 more when you’ve already done 100)!  Oh, I’m going to do this in Arizona, at elevation , in September, when it will be hot in the day and freezing at night!  Oh and it’s the inaugural running and there are currently only 23 people registered.
My training plan is taking shape, I’ve started taking the stairs whenever possible, and mainly I’m just focused on telling myself that I have not just set myself up for failure because no one likes a sulky Heather.

5 comments on “I’m Done Sulking

  1. Mom says:

    Aw H…I love you, mommy xoxoxo

  2. Gary McGugan says:

    Just what you need — a fresh new ‘impossible’ challenge. Arizona in September is a little better than Arizona in July. I think temperatures seldom exceed 100F in September. In addition to your normal running conditioning, I recommend a lot of focus on heat and dehydration. Both are sure to be factors.

    Good luck with this! I think you will love Arizona… after the race. The desert is far more beautiful than many people realize. Plan to spend an extra few days there if you can!

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    There is nothing like a “challenge ” to refocus you – boy did you find one ! but i have to say that if anyone can do it – you can ! we will look forward to reading all about it
    lots of love to our go get ’em daughter in law xxxxxxxx

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