Proof I am a Hoarder


Now that my sister’s and I have left the family home, my parents have started to make it their own. My room was the first to go when I moved to England, it was transformed into a den with a practical pull out couch. Big Sister’s room in the basement became the guest room, since a bathroom was installed (a feature I loved when I moved back from England with a husband and nowhere to live). Lastly Little Sister has flown the coup with her impending nuptials, her room is now a very grown up looking second bedroom.
Apparently us girls left some things behind and this has become my Dad’s latest project, to rid the house of anything that’s not his or Mommy’s (well mainly just his). On our last visit we were taken to the basement and shown boxes and bags, I was quick to blame my sisters, but eventually I had to fess up to some of the stuff, most of which will be donated.
My Dad pulled down a shoe box from some corner and I as soon as I saw it I knew it was mine. For whatever reason I’ve always kept important stuff in shoe boxes, I was excited to get it home and see what I had thought was so important but hadn’t needed in the last 10 or so years.
This is a sample of what was in the box:

Sad part is there are no 1st place, I'm a very proud sub-par athlete!

Plus some other stuff that has already made its way to the recycling bin, such as race bib’s from my first few races, graduation programs, school play programs, and a picture of me with some Junior A hockey player(?).
Clearly I’m egotistical very proud of my sporting achievements (as lack luster as they are). On the back of each of my gymnastics ribbons was my event score and placing. I don’t need telling how much of a geek I am, it’s painfully obvious.

One comment on “Proof I am a Hoarder

  1. Ann & Gaz says:

    that is so sweet – I love it when you minimalists come unstuck ! i will look forward to seeing if you add your “medal ” for the killer mile to your big bowl of medals that you hord now !

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