Once a Cheat Always a Cheat?


One of the many positives of Dan working for a top Canadian employer is the excellent benefit package, I have figured out  a way to maximize most options, especially the massage therapy and physiotherapy.  That being said I’ve been going for a massage every 3 weeks for the last 10 months (yes I deserve it).  I’ve been seeing Willona, who is amazing, I feel as though we’ve been come friends over the time, she knows how much pressure to use and scolds me when she can tell I’ve not been doing my stretches.  She is interested in the races I’ve run and will often ask how a specific race went (she must write things down as soon as I leave).

Imagine my surprise on Wednesday when I arrive for my usual 4:30 rub down and am told that Willona doesn’t work Wednesdays.
Me: Huh?! Since when.
Receptionist: Since August.
Me:  So I’ve only been coming on Mondays since August?
Receptionist:  I guess so, don’t worry Cherry will take care of you today.
I sit down to digest the news. Cherry?!  But Willona already knows what I like and want, I trust my exceptionally tight IT bands to her care every 3 weeks.  My name is called and I look up to find a tiny Filipino women smiling at me.  All I can think is that this massage better not come with a “happy ending”.
So Cherry takes me into the treatment room and asks what I want.  I want what Willona does but clearly that’s not what I’m getting.  I explain what I usually have done and also mention that I pinched something in my shoulder (carrying groceries, not a running injury) and showed her how I couldn’t lift my arm above my head.  (Anyone else ever try to wash their hair with one hand? Tougher than I imagined.)
I wish I could tell you what happened over the next 45 minutes but there really are no words to describe what this tiny little lady did to me.  When I left I could lift my arm above my head (pain-free!) and my legs were pleasantly wobbly.
I felt like I had just cheated on Willona.  I think it might happen again.

3 comments on “Once a Cheat Always a Cheat?

  1. Mom says:

    I think this kind of cheating is allowed. Enjoy!

  2. Kate says:

    If you don’t tell, she will never know…

  3. Ann & Gaz says:

    Ah ! the ficklety of woman ! go for it H as long as it makes you feel good ! yep i do sort of know how difficult it is to wash hair with only one hand – well one and a half – special fin is not good at any hair related activities – i must have more lumps on skull due to out of control hairdryer than you can count !

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