Seasonally Friendly


There is something particularly enjoyable about running on a cold crisp morning. Even better is that by November all the tourists have completed their goal races and gone into running hibernation. Leaving only the more hardy year rounders. My favorite trait of these men and women of winter is that they are invariably friendly, happy to see other runners and at the very least exchange a wry smile as they pass you ascending a hill as they cruise down. This is in contrast to the ‘tourist’, this single race Grinch with his crisp running gear and mandatory iPod, treats every trail as his own, this generally leads to a lot less trail pleasantries. It can make a long bustling training run pretty lonely when these are the people you are passing.

The first weekend in November brought with it the perfect running weather sunny but cold. Heather was going to get the chance to enjoy it on the Sunday when she ran the Road 2 Hope. However I hadn’t signed up for the race so decided to take myself out for a nice long training run, taking in a few new off-shoots to our usual route. Needless to say I got lost but that is just part of the fun. As I was returning my geographic location to one more likely to deliver me home, I started to notice just how friendly everyone had been this morning. Even the non-runners seemed to be going out of their way to give smiles and waves. As I cut through the Don Valley Brickworks it was a veritable sea of cheer. Buoyed by all the good vibes I got a little extra spring in my step and turned on the taps for the last 8 or so kms.  Wow what a friendly bunch of people this morning, unless there was another reason for the smiles, maybe they were smirks and maybe the mornings I heard were stifled laughs …..

Trying to grow my own ultra stache!

The car of guys that drove by just as I turned for home confirmed which it was as they shouted nice stache.

Whilst Movemeber is a great cause it is also a cruel itchy mistress.


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