B-Limey! Did he just run a 5km?


So it’s been awhile see we posted last mainly because Dan killed the hard drive on the computer.  We now have a new hard drive and the computer back but sadly it looks as though we will be losing everything off the original hard drive 😦 Consider this your friendly reminder to back up, back up, back up!  Moving on.

A couple of weekends ago my father-in-law joined us for the B&o 5km and he has provided us with his version of what went down that morning.

Editor’s note: My father-in-law is British, for your pleasure you should read this with your best plumy English accent to enjoy Gaz’s British witticism.


Dan suggested this idea some time ago and apart from anything else, I had visions of the rest of the pack disappearing into the distance and me losing my way and ending up somewhere near the airport.  I thought I was prepared for the run having trained at the gym regularly in an effort to bring my time down and what a surprise – NOT,this old crock of a body decided to sustain a tweak in the left achilles a week before the Run.  The Grand Plan was NOT TO DRINK before the Run,which I’m afraid went quickly out of the window on arrival in Canada,Will Power 0  Alcohol 1!  Still ,not to worry it may help deaden any pain in the leg!!!  Well the excuse worked for me!

Great trepidation was the order of the day, on the day,and if I’m honest from the moment the idea was first suggested.  You see I am not used to running in a crowd of people and had only done it once before in around 1985.  On the plus side I knew that my time for a 5K run was at least 15 mins quicker than it was all those years ago.

I was quite happy running on the treadmill and trying to compete with myself,not with everyone else. I get slightly competitive if the person on the next treadmill decides/appears to want to compete, so the idea of a crowd of competitive people around me filled me with a sense of dread in that I might get too competitive and run out of steam/completely finish off my left leg and break down/or worse!!

The walk to the start line was quite pleasant and the weather fine and sunny and although I could feel slight pain in my leg, I was walking ok and thought that if I just went easy I would complete the course as long as I didn’t get competitive or lose my way or be tempted by any early opening bar/burger joint!

At the start line there were indeed many people of varying ages etc,and then it happened!!!  My God, some of these people, NO,  ALL of these people look really serious.

They are stretching in all sorts of strange positions, doing warm up runs along the street, HELP!!  I AM going to get left behind, anyone got a map in case I get lost?

Anyway the time for the off looms and people are jogging on the spot, THINKS: “Not for me I need every bit of fuel to complete this thank you very much”.

And then, all of a sudden we’re off, except we’re not really because it seems to take quite a while to clear all the participants and a kind of stop/start & run/walk situation occurs, and then we’re around the first corner……and they’re off, lots of jostling for position, mainly past me as I am concentrating on not falling over anyone and bringing my run to a premature end.

After a short while I’ve warmed up and LO! there is space to move and I settle into a comfortable pace and am happy with my lot, true there are many in front and I don’t intend to look behind.  People are passing by and they are far younger than me so that’s fine, I am not going to get sucked into racing after them especially at this early stage.  Others begin to pass me by, they appear somewhat older than myself, hey, what the…hold on, that’s fine they look like they have been running all their lives, so just settle back down.  You know that leg is going to break on you and then it’s all over, keep your steady pace going and ignore everyone else, that’s the way to do it.

There you go, all settled now and even at this steady pace and without effort I’m beginning to pick off a few without intending to, so it’s all good!!

AND THEN it happened, I am overtaken with ease by a woman, albeit younger than me but with a back side that can only be described as being the size of small country and something you would quite happily rest a pint and a meal on with no danger of it falling off!  As well as this she seemed to have been consuming much food for a good many years, I think you know where we’re going with this so I will halt the character assassination.

So that’s when competitiveness reared its head and the pace quickened and she was dispatched to oblivion along with a few others until at about 3K the leg said “ENOUGH CRAZY FOOL”, closely followed by the rest of the body (Probably something to do with the alcohol, the heat, and the however slight gradients of the road) and so the pace settled into a more strained version of its original type and the only thought was will I finish?

It wouldn’t have been so bad had I walked the course before and had an idea where I was and how much further to go (Note to self,next time do some research!) apparently there was a 4K marker but I never saw it and I should have known I had passed it as my usual WALL arrived.

Hey everyone we’re running on empty, NO WE really are running  on  empty.

Just when the body had said enough and the brain was saying “You know what, the body’s right let’s pull over for a swift half and we can catch up with this later” I turned a corner and wow it’s the home straight. Reserve tanks applied and sprint for the finish, OK, my version of a sprint but still faster than I had been going.

My name was called out as I crossed the line and a medal was thrust at me, all I needed now was a sit down and to breathe and then maybe take on some fluid, no make that a lot of fluid.

The time was given as 28 minutes and nine seconds, a bit off my best time of 25′ 17″ but given everything else I was well pleased with it and hope to do better next time……What Am I saying???  There’s a next time?  The bug has obviously bitten and I don’t mean the Canadian Air force!!

The medal that was "thrust" at us.

What a fine looking bunch of runners.

Gaz finishing his debut international race

2 comments on “B-Limey! Did he just run a 5km?

  1. Kate says:

    Why didn’t Gary go for the moustache?

  2. Gaz says:

    Its obvious – too much wind resistance !

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