Yorkville 5km Race Report


It was a perfect day for a run, truly amazing, blue sky, little breeze and 14 degrees Celsius (58 F).  So I will never understand the motivation of some people’s winter running attire, but hey it only hurt them.

I like doing this race, some people feels it’s over priced for what it is, but you get a pretty decent goody bag, and the race start is about 1500m from our house, a perfect warm-up!  It’s a small race only 650 competitors on a relatively flat course.

This year we had a support crew, my mother-in-law Ann, she did a great job of holding our stuff, cheering us on, and taking some pictures.  So after we loaded down her backpack and Dan attached his Ultra-Stache we tried to get ourselves seeded.  This is something I’ve been trying to do a better job of, I always start way to far back and spend the first half of the race dodging people, not really a big deal over a 50km but there’s not a lot of extra time in a 5km.  I felt like I was close to the front but it still took nearly 20 seconds for me to cross the start line, and then I passed a girl wearing a leather purse across her shoulder… how in the world did she start ahead of me?  Is she going to show me up and run past me with that gigantic square awkwardly hanging across her body?  I focused on putting distance between her and me.

The Fu Manchu ultra-stache

And the profile.

There is not a lot to say about the course, it’s through my neighborhood so I like it, but I didn’t feel I had an advantage since I typically never get to run on the road or through red lights!  I do know that I spent most of the race passing people, which is a nice feeling but truly shows how inept I am at seeding myself in a start corral.  I especially enjoyed passing the people dressed for winter, I know I shouldn’t, but seriously what were they thinking and there is no reason someone can’t find out the weather forecast this day in age, plus there is a bag check so no reason not to strip down before the race starts, I think I few of the ladies just wanted to show off there new Lulu lemon jackets.

What a fine-looking bunch of runners.

I only got passed once the whole race by two guys, who I noticed when I passed them near the start thinking it was strange, they looked very capable of running much faster than they were, so I actually enjoyed being their fish as they reeled me in around 3km,  as they passed they were picking their next target, I suggested anyone wearing winter gear, they chuckled and sped off.

Around the 3.5km mark you run pass the other end of the street you will be finishing on, I could already hear them announcing people finishing, I smiled and picked up the pace.  I finally caught the girl I’d been chasing the whole race just passed 4km and took off.  I had lot’s left, I’m not used to such short races so I enjoyed just running really hard for the last kilometer and it paid off too.  As I turned the last corner I spotted the clock and realized I was not going to get under 24 minutes as I had hoped, but I wasn’t far off.  My official time was 24:17, chip time 23:58, I’m happy with that, I always tell people my chip time as at some of the large marathons it takes 6-7 minutes to get across the start line (guess I shouldn’t complain about 20 seconds).

Dan finished just ahead of me with 23:35 and we stood with Ann to cheer my father-in-law, Gaz, across the line at 28:09!  The girl with the purse finished too, I think she was regretting her choice of accessory but I cheered when she crossed the finish line.  We stuck around afterwards for the awards and I gorged myself on gigantic cinnamon buns and cheese cake, plus they were handing out colossal bottles of “fancy” water (taste’s the same as the tap) and vitamin water, oh an there were cookies and other hors d’oeuvres (I’m sure you all realize the draw of this race for me now… the free sugar at the end).  Glad we stuck around because Gaz got a little gift for completing his first road race!   Nice touch to finish the day, except wait, it was only 10 o’clock, we still had a whole day ahead of us and our legs weren’t dead, have I found my new favorite race distance????

The Ultra-stache seems to help keep people away from Dan

Note to self: Stop waving like that.

Gaz in motion.

Ultra-stache finish

Gaz finishing his debut international race

3 comments on “Yorkville 5km Race Report

  1. Dawn Kuz says:

    Oh man, you crack me up! The purse girl and the lulu jackets… Make me laugh! Good work guys!

  2. Mom says:

    Love the ‘stache’ Dan. Which one are you wearing for the ‘Toad Run’? H you sure notice a lot when you run…and I agree 5 kms is a wonderful distance to run. Glad that Gaz’s first international run was a success!

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