On The Road Again


Last Saturday Dan and I took a bike mechanics workshop at the Evergreen Brickworks in the Don Ravine (there is also a wonderful farmer’s market from 8-1 there on Saturdays).

I had decided after my bike accident that I should maybe educate myself about my bike, oh and get my bike fixed!

We had to push our bicycles 4km to the workshop, Dan’s tires were flat as were mine and my front derailleur was bent from my accident so we walked because we vowed that we would be riding our bikes away from the workshop.  My biggest hope was that I would make it home with the bike in one piece.

This way to fun!

The workshop was fabulous.  It’s held at the Bike Works garage in the Brickworks.  Bike Works is a DIY bike shop run by volunteers Saturday and Sunday from 10-4, all the volunteers are amazing.

All things bicycle found in here.

The workshop takes you through changing/patching a flat tire, lubing and care for your bike chain, and some general checks, such and breaks and cables that should be routinely performed.  They also lightly touched on things that you could learn to do yourself to save money.

After the workshop, Brian, one of the volunteers, helped me change the tube in my back flat tire and we inflated the front one.  Brian also helped fix my derailleur (and no I didn’t know it was called that before this workshop), although he mentioned that I’d probably need a new one in the new year.  We also lowered my bike seat, since I feel that this was one of the reasons that I fell over, my feet couldn’t reach the ground.  I understand that seat height is important to the efficiency of my cycling however I’m currently willing to sacrifice efficiency to have the comfort of knowing my feet reach the ground.

As we cycled home into the sunset, my chain fell off, but I got Dan to put it back on since we just learnt how to do it and I had thoroughly cleaned my hands (I didn’t want to get them greasy again).  We made it home in one piece, not going to lie, I’m really not a confident rider.  Dan thought it was hilarious that the only time I went fast was when we ran out of bike lanes and had to join traffic, the speed was because I hated it so much and just wanted to get home.  I hope in time that I will become a more confident rider, I’m trying, practice makes perfect, or something like that.

One comment on “On The Road Again

  1. Mom says:

    Oh H, I run with you…you will soon be biking to Newmarket to visit (probably training actually), but I know what the score will be:
    H – 1
    Bike – 0
    Love Mom

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