A Toad, some Hope and a Fat-Ass


Welcome to the new Race In Pieces!  What does everybody think?  Be honest.  We thought we’d give the site a little update since the DeathRace has come and gone (hard to believe), it’s still a work in progress so please bare with us.

As for Dan and I we are back in training mode.  We are running this weekends Yorkville B&o 5km.  I’m excited for this run because it will be Dan’s stepfather, Gaz, international debut!  It’s been awhile since he’s run a road race and I’m so happy that we can share in this with him.

Dan’s next big race is the Run for the Toad 50km on October 1.  It’s a trail race but a relatively flat one (he seems to be drawn to flat these days).  I’ll be running the 25km as a training run (haha, we all know that I’ll end up getting caught up and ‘race’).

My goal race is the Road 2 Hope marathon in Hamilton.  This is also a flat (net downhill) course (so maybe I’m a little drawn to flat these days too).  This race will be exciting too as it will be my Big Sister’s comeback half-marathon, she hasn’t run a road race since 2007, and injury plagued her earlier in the year, so fingers crossed she can make the start line on November 6.

Our last race of the year is slated for November 13 (only a week after my marathon), it’s trail race in Batawa, called the Fat-Ass.  That’s the main reason I want to do it, I want a race shirt that says I’m a Fat-Ass.  It also helps that I met the wonderful race director, Sandy of Tri and Run Sports (located in Trenton), she is easy-going and gives out awards for being the slowest and dirtiest, I figure with my propensity to falling over and being slow I might just win a prize!  Big Sister will also be joining us for her trail race debut and we are hopping that Little Sister and Little Sister’s Fiancé will too and maybe even Big Sister’s husband???  I will continue to harass them until I get my way (I think some of Dan’s only childness is rubbing off on me)!

And to think I thought things would settle down after the DeathRace, silly me.


7 comments on “A Toad, some Hope and a Fat-Ass

  1. Mom says:

    I like your new letterhead and blog look, very nice. Did Dan take the photo? How is your medal vase working out? Happy training!
    Love me xoxo

  2. jsawyer66 says:

    I like the blog layout and I think the change is good. Do you have another goal that you are aiming for at this time? If so, you could even look to change the layout of the blog as part of your achieving a specific goal once every few months or however long it takes to get to the next stage in your running. I am a big fan of the blog and I read every post but since you are now beyond your FIRST death race (I am sure the itch will come back and you will do it again in the future) it definitely makes sense to change the layout.

  3. Gary McGugan says:

    Great new look! As you know, I enjoy reading all about your activities and progress. Keep up the great work, and keep up the great communication!

  4. raceinpieces says:

    very stylish and professional new look ! glad that you are carrying on with blog – love it !

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