It has been a while since my last confession, whilst I may have let my blogging lapse my running has not been left to the same half assed fate.

Post DeathRace I was determined to get back on the horse, there were lessons learned from the race but Heather covered most of those. The overwhelming learning was that whilst we can do a lot of our training together we need to race for ourselves.

The first test of our solo racing was the Midsummer Nights run, I managed a personal best of 1:19:24. Was it the racing on my own or my new secret weapon that helped me?  Well let me explain my secret weapon, I have noticed that all the ultras and trail races seem to be won by bald men with mustaches. This presents a problem for me as I am not bald (and couldn’t rock the look) and my facial hair-growing prowess is spotty at best. So I have the Ultra-Stache, a product I think I should market to the running world as a whole, the “stache” can be applied just before the race and is totally unisex, not to mention it makes one heck of a fashion statement. There are still a few enhancements to be made as it fell off at the 9km mark, I swear I slowed down until I started to visualize the Ultra-Stache proudly sat upon my top lip.  I am going to go out on a limb and attribute 100% of the success to the Ultra-Stache, check out the shelves of your local running shops, it is only a matter of time before this takes off.

In Greek mythology I am known as Stavros the Fast.

Up next is the B&o 5km, going to be a pretty special race firstly because it is on my door step but most importantly my Stepdad, Gaz, is over from England and is racing with me, and my Mum will be there to cheer us on. It will be the first time she has been able to watch me race.


3 comments on “AWOL

  1. Kate says:

    You should try and get sponsorship to market this product – although I’m not sure the photo of you in it is going to convince anyone to buy….

  2. Dan says:

    Hmm I don’t think I like your tone Lloyd. I think I look noble, almost regal, not to mention fast!!!

  3. mum & Gaz says:

    have printed this latest post off for grandad – as he was told yesterday he may lose his ‘tash – think this will be a ” must” for him ! it will give him a big smile!
    cant wait to be a cheerleader for you all – feel will be far better cheer leader than would be runner !

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