It Happens

Well, I finally did it. It felt kind of weird. At first I felt like a fraud, like everyone would look at me and know I didn’t deserve to wear it. But only one person noticed I was wearing it. I don’t love the cut of it, the neck line is weird. I wore it to a weight class and I was lifting and seeing myself reflected in the mirrors wearing it, I started to embrace it. Watching the skull on it staring at me pumping like crazy, like someone worthy of wearing it. I was starting to embrace wearing it, someone else asked about it. They didn’t understand it, but they noticed it. And as I explained it, I felt like I deserved to wear it, because, well I do!

So what is it?

That’s right it’s my DeathRace t-shirt, yes I felt weird wearing it. I have this “thing”, I believe you should only wear race t-shirts after completing the race! People who wear them race day or before drive me nuts, because they haven’t earned the bragging rights that come with the t-shirt. (Amazing how something as trivial as a t-shirt can wind me up!) I was torn with the death race t-shirt, after timing out I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to wear the t-shirt, but Dan did some research (asking around) and found out that the relay racers got the same shirts as soloist! So “technically” we could both wear our shirts proudly because we ran legs of the race.

Still it took me nearly a month to work up the courage to wear it (silly I know). But I proudly wear the oddly cut t-shirt with pride, even though I know most people wont even notice.



One comment on “It Happens

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    way to go ! you DO deserve to wear it with pride !

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