So did we do it? No we didn’t complete the 125 km the mountains are not the same as hills. Many lessons have be learned, and for me (Dan) it was a humbling experience. But in the bigger picture did we enjoy it? Simple answer hell yes, it was a beautiful course full of challenges and the supporters and volunteers were great. The next big question is ultra running still for us? Again the answer is hell yes, we are already signed up for Run the Toad in October.

The results; I made it to the end of the second leg, Heather however rocked it to the end of the third but missed the cut-off.

Special thanks to Lucas who was amazing as our crew, only sorry we didn’t get to work him harder.

One last question do we consider ourselves Deathracers? Yes we do, we may not have finished it but we did do more than a lot of relay teams!

More to follow after our much needed vacation!

5 comments on “Deathracers?

  1. Mom says:

    Glad to hear that you consider yourselves Deathracers…because we sure do! Enjoy the vacation.

  2. Gary McGugan says:

    I have read again the description of the first three legs: The Downtown Jaunt (19km), The Flood and Grande Mountain Slugfest (27km), and The Old Mine Road (21km). Given the terrain described, the high altitude, and the distances that you both achieved, there is absolutely no question that you are both ultra running “Death Racers”!

    You should take great satisfaction for new personal achievements that are almost impossible to imagine!

  3. runshorts says:

    Bravo to the deathraces! Wear your skull shorts with pride.

  4. elizabeth from loblaws says:

    You’re still alive! congrats on your achievements. Seriously, while the rest of us were sleeping you were running up mountains. Who can say that?

  5. Kelly Rankin says:

    Congratulations to Dan & Heather! You have accomplished a helluva lot more than most!

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