Packing up for the Canadian Death Race



GPS, aka miles.

Food for miles (battery pack).

Poles (of the trekking variety not a Polish person).

Handheld water bottle.

Handheld video game, incase we get bored, or maybe better incase Lucas gets bored.

Headlamps, practical and they make me look really cool.

Spare batteries, want to make sure I stay looking cool until daybreak.

Duck tape, great for kidnappings and also fixing stuff.

Bear bell, more a psychological security than any real physical protection.

First aid kit, incase Heather finds a bike to ride.

Sunscreen, don’t worry I will be sure to rotate so I tan evenly.

Drop bag for amber loop, sounds like something from Lost.

Vaseline, butt, ball and thigh lube.

Nipple plasters, nipples have been shaved in preparation, mine not Heathers.

Bog roll, nuf said.

Bug spray, 100% deet as smuggled into Canada by my Mum.

Backpack, to but all of the above in, duh.

Crew, yep Lucas you are getting classed as equipment.


Thermal tights, for Heather and me, have fun visualizing that over your corn flakes.

Thermal hat, it’s cold out there.

Gloves, see above.

Visor, always want to look my best.


Clear glasses, I would look like an idiot wearing sunglasses at night.

4 pairs of shoes, that way I can always coordinate with what I am wearing.

Arm-sleeves, very fashion forward, they are from Lululemon you know (yes this is Dan still writing).

Spare shorts and tee shirts, note to self ensure all colours coordinate with footwear changes, just because I am an ultrarunner does not mean I am a Barbarian.

Spare underwear, trying to avoid crusty salty balls.

Compression shorts and socks, making as many body parts as possible look like sausage links makes me a better runner.

Sports bras, I am adding this for Heather, as my moobs will be swinging free.

Rain jacket, for the rain genius.

Spare socks, alas these are toe socks by leg 4 Lucas your list of jobs may include making sure each toe section contains a toe.


Chocolate covered coffee beans, for when Lucas can get to us with a real coffee.

Espresso Love GU case of 24, got a whopping $3 discount for buying the case.

Larabar’s, one case.

Carboom, 20 packs.

One case of honey stingers.

Cliff shot blocks x 8.

Chomps x8.

eLoad electrolytes x lots

Real food will include, boiled eggs, pizza, iced coffee, chocolate bars, sandwiches, pretzels, bananas.

Finish line beer!!!!

Note: I was horrified how much this all cost, and for the last week our dining table looked like it could stock a small chain of running stores.

A big bill for a big purchase.

Crew Equipment:

One Lucas, listed twice, very important not to forget this.

Car, crew did not seem happy to jog behind for the full race to take care of our every need.

Camp chair, driving 125 km can be very tiring.

Cooler, to keep stuff warm

Book/magazine, crew will be given freedom to choose their own.

Flash light, not to be confused with flashing in the light.

Food and drink, we need him to last the full 24 hours

Blanket/sleeping bag, hear those mountains get chilly at night.

Sunscreen and bug spray, just seems sensible.

So is there anything we missed?


9 comments on “Packing up for the Canadian Death Race

  1. I saw the finish line beer and just wanted to have you underline that on your list. Don’t forget that! Oh, I was wondering since you mentioned how cool you look with the headlamp, which is cooler looking for you – the headlamp or the visor?

  2. Dan says:

    Oh most certainly the headlamp I look like a robot with a laser on his head

    • Awesome! A compression shorts & socks sausage links, nipple taped robot with a laser on the head. There is a mental image that I wouldn’t have ever thought I would have when I woke up this morning!

  3. Dan says:

    Add the salty balls and you got a beautiful thing

  4. Mom says:

    Only our love…and I do not think I saw any wipes on your list. Please tell me you do not rub your hands all over your shorts, there will not be any room left after 125 km.

  5. Gary McGugan says:

    Air ticket? OHIP Card? Money?

    Looks like you are well prepared! Have a wonderful adventure! We’ll be wishing both of you the best run possible!!

  6. Dan McD says:

    You should each take a Fox40 Whistle and one of those emergency foil blankets. If you ever get into trouble / bears, the whistle will work really well to get attention. The foil blankets are really small, light and are easy to spot by others.

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