Tired of Tapering


I’m jonesing man, irritable, not sleeping properly, my concentration isn’t what it should be, and I just feel so restless.  I just keep thinking about it and want to do it, but I know if I am to look death in the eye (assuming he only has the one) and survive I need to cut back on this shit.  And what’s the drug? coke? caffeine? booze? Nope, sadly you know it’s running.

As the Death Race approaches we taper more and more the closer we get to the run. For the non-runners out there, tapering is the process of cutting back your run km’s until the week before where you are barely running (obviously this is relative to your goal distance) and it sucks.

Bring on the Death Race.


Unlike Dan I don’t mind cutting back my mileage, it’s more psychological for me.  I’ve spent the last week worrying about whether or not we did enough to prepare for this, berating myself for skipped runs or poor efforts due to my laziness.  I know it’s too late to change anything, the “hay is in the barn” as the saying goes (which to add to my confusion I don’t really get, there’s always something more to do on a farm), but none the less, I worry.

And it’s exhausting.

Bring on the Death Race.


5 comments on “Tired of Tapering

  1. Dan says:

    Reconsidering my view on this. It is 10:30am I am in bed with a coffee typing a blog. I had forgotten what a lie-in feels like, so maybe this tapering is ok after all.

    • Roberta says:

      You are both going to be fantastic! Think about all the amazing runs, how far you have come and what it will feel like crossing the finish line together! You are amazing runners– the courage and determination it took to get to the “death race” is an inspiration to all! You HAVE worked hard, done the training, you ARE ready for the starting line…enjoy the moment, be proud and have fun!

      THank you for sharing this journey with us on the blog, I have enjoyed it!

      May it be your BEST race yet!

      Keep smiling, Roberta 🙂

  2. Kristy says:

    I commend your hard efforts you two, have tonnes of fun! Sounds like you’re prepped for this!! Enjoy the scenery, try to take it all in. Never stop forward motion and all that stuff. I read all of your blog after your post on the Death Race Facebook page asking for crew assistance, and I’m really excited for you two. I probably won’t know you if I trip on you in Grande Cache (you’ll probably race past me on the 2 legs I’m doing, so I thought I’d wish you much fun here. Take care

    • raceinpieces says:

      Thanks Kristy! What legs are you running? We’re pretty identifiable as the tall english guy and small clumsy girl in matching white visors!! Hope we bump into one another! Good Luck on your runs!

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