Death Race’s First Fatality


Warning images in this blog are graphic in nature and may cause offense to the fashion savvy reader. Reader discretion is advised.

I died a little inside this week, it was our last big training run and my last chance to try something new, that something was a visor. I am not afraid of going against the grain with my fashion trends and hell I am no snob when it comes to running garb, most of my gear (shoes excepted) is bought from discount racks, but the visor is something I have fought.  Heather wears one as do many of my other running idols including Karno (Dean Karnazes), thing is I think they all look like Japanese tourists, this is not a look I covet.  I really wanted to wear a cool hat either a poor boy cap or cowboy hat but sadly non of the major sports wear brands have started making these in a technical fabric, watch this space totally a 2012 trend.  Admittedly I could have tried a baseball cap, but I seem to have an abnormally big head even with the adjuster at the back it became quickly apparent that one size fits all should read one size fits most.

A picture's worth a thousand words

I guess the important thing, and this really is only a guess here, is whether it did a good job. So sporting my Tokyo chic we hit the trails for a 4 hour jaunt.  It made my head bloody hot but it kept the sun off my face and the sweat out of my eyes, so yes it served its purpose.

We "jaunted" up this hill a few times.

Will I be at the start line wearing the damn thing? Probably, will this be the biggest sacrifice I have made in order to run this race? Certainly.

R.I.P. Style you will be missed

I invite any and all comments on my new style direction.

6 comments on “Death Race’s First Fatality

  1. Mom says:

    Stop whining you are way to tall to be Japanese. What you need is a teal visor to match your compression socks. That would be a style statement.

    P.S. for the record you really look fine in your visor.

  2. Kate says:

    At least you are coordinated and your visa is the same brand as your shorts and t-shirt. I’m not really sure that you need to worry about your outward appearance during something called the ‘death race’. Are you planning to look stylish at the end?

  3. Mum & Gaz says:

    As Alan Richman would say:-“Oh my Goodness,Oh my goodness !”
    really though – if it does the job wear it you little fashionista !

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks for the kind words but I am not reading any of you saying wow what a great visor I wish I had one of those, so must conclude that I look like a bit of a twit.

  5. I have worn visors before, I had one that I wore some in Egypt and I have one back here in the states that I used to wear. I have one from when I was a kid in the early 80s that is a clear red visor brim and a rainbow band around the back of the head and little LED lights in different colors across the top of the visor part that goes against your forehead and it is powered by a 9-volt battery (wow, the 70s and 80s were awesome)…not sure if that was something I should have admitted but I might be able to dig it up if you wanted to run in it. Maybe people will be distracted by it and underestimate you and you will end up winning the Death Race by distraction.

  6. Dan says:

    Now that sounds like one hell of a cool visor Jed

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