Country Roads


Last weekend we ran our long runs at the cottage.  Ahhh, country roads. This was the most ferocious animal we came across.

I'm really not going to be prepared for any actual wildlife at the DeathRace.

I helped him the rest of the way across the road, and later wished I had a shell to hide when I was narrowly missed by a speeding local, in a pick up truck, overtaking when he shouldn’t have been.  My heart rate shows a clear jump of 15bmp.  And the vehicle that was being overtaken (also a pick up)?  That driver stopped to make sure I was ok, but really I think his heart rate may have jumped a little too and he needed to regain his composure.

Don't be fooled by it's prettiness.

This was another danger to watch for running in the country (although it’s been spotted in the GTA).  Runshorts first alerted me to the pandemic last summer. I was shocked to discover we have the dreaded Hogweed residing on our road and the trail that runs alongside our cottage. This discovery came after reading the minutes from our road association meeting…after my runs of course.

Me: Dad? Did you not think it was important to warn me about the Hogweed?

Dad: Well, it’s on the side of the road and trails, you run ON the road and trails, right?

Me: I fell off a barely moving bike and broke my nose, I’ve water skied into stationary docks, slicing the skin open to the bone. You don’t think it was important to mention something that could potentially blind me?

Dad: I like to believe that any day now you will grow out of your clumsy stage.

I love my Dad but he easily forgets what a danger I am to myself.

Anyway I thankfully avoided all plants and animals that could possibly harm me, and this weekend I will be running in the safety of my city.

4 comments on “Country Roads

  1. Mom says:

    I agree it’s your dad’s fault…

  2. Gary McGugan says:

    Good luck with the last few weeks of training!

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