Plan Of Attack


The miles are in the bank.  We have one more big training weekend and then we start to taper.  Time to start thinking about our race strategy.  The 24-hour time limit and the cut off times at the checkpoints means that we need to apply at least a little science.

The race starts at 8 am, Leg 1 is 19 km there is a maximum allowed time limit of 4 hours (12 pm) however our aim here will be to complete it in 2-2.5 hours (10.30 am).  Giving us a little buffer for later but running a pace we can easily manage without killing ourselves.

Leg 2 is apparently the hardest leg at 27 km with a 5000 ft elevation change. We will be lucky enough to summit both Flood Mountain (not a cheery name) and then the more impressive but no less intimidating sounding Grande Mountain. The allowed time limit in this leg is 6 hours based on the max time from leg 1 we would be crossing at 6 pm but our aim will be to cross by 4pm.

The race then throws us a bone on leg 3 with what is dubbed the second easiest leg at 19 km and an elevation loss of 1000ft it should be a quick down hill jog. Ideally we should be finishing this in 2.5 hours at 6:30pm.

By the beginning of leg three we will have been running for 10.5 hours and have covered 65km. This seems incredibly slow but there is the matter of those pesky mountains.  So if all goes to plan we will have 13.5 hours to cover the last 60km. Based on our planned pace for those two legs it would have us crossing the finish line in…….

Come on you didn’t really expect me to tell you our goal time did you?

4 comments on “Plan Of Attack

  1. Mom says:

    Yes I did. But really after 125 kms upright and smiling would be perfect and even just upright would do.

  2. raceinpieces says:

    Dan, seriously “a quick down hill jog” it’s called the Deathrace, not quick jogs in the park! Your interpretation of the legs is so very different from mine! Heather

  3. Dan says:

    It is all relative h, compared to slugfest I am sure it will be just a quick down hill jog

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