There goes the first toe nail…


It’s finally happened. One of my toenails has gone black, I’m lucky (so far) that I don’t lose toenails, mine just turn black and hurt for a bit.  I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I just finished growing out two black nails from my marathon last October and I’ve been putting my feet through so much more.

As for the bumps by my medial malioli, they were caused by me wearing my shoes too tight. The one on my right foot is gone, the big one on my left is still there but is no longer painful and it’s smaller. I think it’s subsided a little with all the icing but I’m not convinced it will go away completely.

Other than those tiny issues I’m quite pleased at how well my body has been faring.  Except for when I’m throwing my face on the floor.  The kilometers continue to build and I actually seem to be getting stronger with them, I’m actually starting to believe that we wont be the first deaths of the DeathRace!


4 comments on “There goes the first toe nail…

  1. Mom says:

    Glad your using positive thinking…

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    That is not funny! feel it for you with your little tootsie nails
    seriously glad that you are both feeling much more positive after a wobbily ( no reference to bike intended – honestly !)

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