Death is upon us (almost)


After last weeks poor ultra (well for me) I was a little worried that my training wasn’t up to par. The biggest issue was the fatigue I was feeling from the get go, the familiar surge of adrenaline that usually accompanies the start of a race did little to get me going. By 25 km I was hurting and more than anything else I had lost the mental battle, only the combination of Heather’s “unique” form of motivation and my desire to wear the race sweatshirt with pride got me across the finish line.

I decided on a risky strategy after the race, no training for a week, I would take 6 days off and hopefully recharge my batteries and shake the fatigue that had been accumulating over the previous couple of weeks. This close to the race I hoped it wouldn’t have any negative repercussions. Heather didn’t seem inclined to join me in my brief hiatus which was fine, though something to do with her nose and face changed her mind, can’t say I know exactly what that was.

So it was important that this past weekends runs went well. Saturdays run started fine but it was Heather’s turn to have a tough run, and after I got us lost for the second or third time I could tell she had tuned out, we had hit 20 or so km and decided to cut the run short. Unfortunately we were a long way from home, so we did something I have never done before, we took transit back, this wasn’t the most disturbing first of the day however. The real low came when I realized that I was that smelly funny looking bloke on the subway.

And so did our run.

Sunday however delivered redemption in spades. We hit the trails at the Dundas conservation area, I have really come to learn that trail running is my thing. We killed 30 km in no time, got to see a couple of deer and as I was wolfing down my post run ice cream I had a lot left in the tank.

The deer was the only being on the trails not to ask about Heather's face.

He actually couldn't have cared less that we were there.

Heather also had a great run, though by the end her nose was throbbing a bit. I have to admit she is one tough if clumsy wife, not sure if I would be putting in a 50+km weekend a week after breaking my nose.

My wife the "Trooper"

Most importantly the break seemed to do the trick bring on the Deathrace!

One comment on “Death is upon us (almost)

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    “H” really is a trooper ! glad to see that her face is looking a lot better and that you too have recovered from your fatigue – it’s great that you had good run on Sun – will give you heaps of confidence ready for that little jog you have planned for your birthday weekend !!!

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