What it’s like on the other side.


Last Thursday was the Toronto Rat Race, a 5km through downtown to raise money for The United Way.  We did not participate running wise, but since the run went straight passed our building we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and cheer.

Waiting to get our cheer on.

Dan packed himself a bottle of “water” to take to the curb and we headed downstairs.  The police were in position ready for the first runners.  Dan and I stood there anxiously waiting with our hand clappers and finally flashing lights and then the lead pack.

Dan having a sneaky sip of his "water" right in front of a policeman.

We stood on the curb cheering for 27 minutes we were the only ones.  A guy who was walking to the finish to meet a friend stopped and had us help him cheer on his friend Brian as he went by, but most other passersby gave us dirty looks for encouraging the traffic congestion.

The first people to go by and Dan's hand clapper.

We were really impressed with the efforts some people went to, we saw quite a few rat’s, lot’s of shirt and tied runners, a speedy gonzales, a rink rat (hopefully not regretting the Canuck jersey he wore) and cheese heads.  Our security/doorman Tim came out to find out why we were making so much noise.  It was FUN!!  We’ve decided that we are going to volunteer at the Scotia Waterfront Marathon in October, it’s a good feeling to give back.  Plus we have truly begun to realise the importance of volunteers at races and cheerleaders,  I was amazed at the runners who pushed a little more when they heard/saw us or smiled.

So next time you’re held up by a race or you hear about one on the radio and have nothing else to do, I would encourage you to get out there and give cheer, you have no idea how much you may help some runner, but you definitely will!

P.S. Five weeks today we will be in Grande Cache, AB!!!!!!


2 comments on “What it’s like on the other side.

  1. Mom says:

    Cheerleaders are very important!

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    Wow ! 5 weeks where has the time gone! lets just hope that you have both had your ” disastrous dress rehearsals” – no more bashed up faces or kidney stones …. or any thing else for that matter !

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